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Last week I talked about blogging and the importance of regularly updating your blog content, but how often counts as “regularly” and can you blog too often?


As a minimum you should really be posting new content once a week and if you really think you’ve got enough to say you can post every day.


However, there are pros and cons to daily blogging and I would usually recommend to my clients that they post 2-3 times per week.


Daily blog posting

Some people find it easy to post daily because they get into a writing groove and it might suit their industry. For example, if you run a news blog you wouldn’t be able to keep your readers up to date if you only posted once a week.


However, you might also find that you don’t get much interaction from your daily posts or that people are unsubscribing from your blog.


In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with information people tend to shy away from blogs that are too “noisy”, so try cutting down your posts.


You might also find that you simply run out of ideas and you get “blogger’s burnout”. Don’t give everything away upfront – spacing all of your knowledge, experience, and expertise out over 2-3 posts per week is better than running out of ideas after the first month.


My top tips for daily posting are:


Keep it short and sweet – people don’t want to read 1000 word essays on a daily basis.


Variety is the spice of life – use videos, pictures, infographics etc. to keeping your readers interested.


Have a content plan – failing to plan is planning to fail and all that…


Bi-weekly blogging

The majority of people I speak to prefer to blog a few times per week mostly because it gives them a chance to breath between posts and come up with some new ideas.


If you’re not trying to churn something out day after day you’ll have the time (and energy) to write informative, detailed posts that your readers will thank you for rather than just pressing the unsubscribe button.


You’ll also find yourself with more time to engage with the people that like, comment on, or share your posts and after all, relationship building is what it’s all about!


If you’re going to be blogging weekly, think about:


What kind of content is most popular with your readers? Do more of it!


Have you thought about longer (1000 word) posts?


Mix topical posts with evergreen content that will still be relevant this time next year.


Have a content plan – it doesn’t matter how often you post, you still need to plan.

Be realistic about your blogging expectations

The proper answer to the “How often should I blog?” question is that you should do whatever suits you.


You need to get into a blogging routine and post as often as makes you, and your readers, happy.


If blogging has become, or has always been, a chore then maybe it’s time to think about outsourcing the job? Unenthusiastic blogging leads to dull, sub-standard content and that’s not going to interest anyone, least of all potential customers.


Whether it’s because you don’t enjoy writing or you simply don’t have the time if your blog isn’t working for you then someone like me can help. You can find out more about my content creation services here.



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