7 Essential habits for business blogging

So you’ve decided to start a blog for your business.   Follow these 7 essentials to ensure you get the best results for your time and effort. Business blogging tips 1. Remember the purpose of the blog. The ultimate goal of just about any business blog is going to be “increase profits”. So work out what your blog is going […]

Top 3 Business Blogging SEO Tips for 2022

Getting your keywords right is the first step in search optimisation for your website – and it’s the most important. After all, if you optimise your site for the wrong things, you might as well not have bothered.   It can all sound techy, but really it’s common sense backed up by a couple of useful tools.   Follow these […]

7 Business Blogging Styles to Avoid in 2022

When you’re writing a blog for your small business– you need to make it interesting for real people (not just Google!)   Just be vigilant. You want to avoid these 7 mistakes. You won’t believe the last one! 1. The business blogging strategy that has a company acting like a street beggar Often found with eCommerce stores, a constant sales […]

The Holy Grail of Small Business Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a concept, it includes the tasks, processes and tools that one uses to automate and measure repetitive marketing tasks. The most simple marketing automation tools are email autoresponders that send out an email with a predefined content after a specific event occurs, but complex systems can include CRM, sales and even powerful analytics modules.   You might […]