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Great business blogging is a bit like a lighthouse out in the dark ocean that will guide ships into safe harbor, or in your case, right into your conversion nets! You want your business blogging to entice people into your website and become loyal customers who will open their wallets time and time again.


In this blog post, I’m going to give some essential tips and tricks that will take ensure that readers become loyal customers and will depart with their hard-earned cash.



Follow these 7 essentials to ensure you get the best results for your time and effort.

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Business blogging tips


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1. The best business blogging will remember the purpose of the blog

The ultimate goal of just about any business blog is going to be “increase profits”. So work out what your blog is going to do to help you achieve that. Some of the things you might be aiming for include:


  • search engine optimisation
  • engage with potential customers
  • showcase your knowledge and expertise


So if SEO is a key reason for writing a blog then you must make sure you define a target keyword or phrase for each article and create an appropriate title and content.

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2. Post regularly

So many business blogs start off in a surge of enthusiasm with weekly posts …… and then grind to a halt. I’ve seen many blogs which have not had a new post for 6 months or more – which can give the impression that you are no longer in business!


Work out a realistic schedule before you start (weekly, fortnightly, even monthly) and stick to it. Write several draft blog posts before you launch and then publish them according to your schedule.

3. Always mix your business blogging up

Don’t be afraid to write the occasional provocative comment piece or share something amusing. Your articles should be a mix of “how-to”, case studies, comments on industry issues plus the odd “coffee break” article.

4. The best business blogging will let your personality show

Blogs are generally written in a more informal style than your main website pages and it’s OK to include some more personal stuff. Just be selective and think about your audience. For example, sharing your pre-natal scan photo is fine if your business is parent & child related but not appropriate for an accountant.

5. Use some photos

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Images help to break up an article and make it look more attractive. Always check copyright before using photos from the web – you can buy stock photos very reasonably from various sites like istockphoto.


Or make friends with a local photographer who may let you use images in exchange for a credit and website link – wedding professionals do this extensively.


Note for photographers – remember to include some words too!

6. Share your blog

Once you’ve written your great blog articles, don’t keep them to yourself. Use social media to spread the word – post links on Twitter and LinkedIn, include a taster paragraph in your email newsletter etc.

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7. Don’t plaster your blog with adverts

Google adverts (Adsense) have no place on a business blog. Apart from looking unprofessional you could well be encouraging your visitors to hop over to your competitors.


Remember that a business blog is there to support your business and not the other way round. Full time blogging is a completely different concept.

Business blogging tips and business blogging SEO.

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