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SEO writing is the art of ranking at the top of Google. When you read a sentence like this, it makes SEO sound so simple. Maybe you’re thinking that all you have to do to rank for a keyword like “SEO Northern Ireland” is create a blog, dump a few keywords in and bobs your uncleyou’ll be ranking at the front page of Google. Wrong.


SEO in Northern Ireland and further afield is a much more complicated business then simply keywords. SEO is a vast and deceptively complex subject where you have to take a number of vital factors into the equation such as: Types of keywords, backlinks, website speed, competitor analysis, internal linking, etc.


Gone are the days when you could simply dump a load of keywords into your website and then expect to rank at the top of Google. Those glory days of simply rolling up with a dumper truck and then pouring out a mass of keywords and then creating content that has no coherence or design are gone. Google will punish you if you keyword stuff and if your content is rubbish.



In order to rank at the top of Google for a keyword like “SEO Northern Ireland” there are a number of vital practices that you’ll need to have incorporated into the content that you’re creating. In this blog I will give you a brief overview of what it takes to rank for the keyword “SEO Northern Ireland.



1. Use local SEO Subsidiary keywords


The thing is, whilst you might be attempting to rank for a keyword like “SEO Northern Ireland” you should not forget about the subsidiary keywords. What I mean is that when you consider terms like “SEO Northern Ireland” there are a number of other lesser keywords that you will need to factor in such as “SEO Belfast”, “SEO Derry”, “SEO Armagh”, “SEO Tyrone”, “SEO Monaghan”, “SEO Donegal” “SEO Antrim” etc.  


All of these other terms act like building blocks around the main search term and will help Google rank you for the main terms that you’re trying to rank for. The things is, if you just focus on your main keyword the content that you are creating will have content gaps, the content will be like a building that has structural defaults.

SEO Northern Ireland

2. Experiment with local SEO keywords


Another key factor that you should take into the equation when attempting to rank for a keyword


Don’t be afraid to play around and find out what tactics work for you. Being innovative means taking chances. Its means experimenting and attempting to discover the perfect SEO tactic for you. When it comes to SEO the game is constantly evolving and changing. 

What was working perfectly in SEO a number of years might be a complete disaster nowadays. Google is constantly changing the goalposts and the only way for you to get your ball into that net is to persistently hone, experiment, and adapt your tactics to the ever changing SEO landscape.


3. What is you local SEO focus keyword going to be?

SEO Northern Ireland

So you want to rank for some high ranking keyword and you expect the traffic and conversions to begin flowing in like a tsunami? Wrong.


Just because a keyword is a high-ranking keyword, this does not mean that it will result in convertible traffic. For example, a keyword like “SEO tips” might be high ranking but is it really going to be a keyword that potential clients will use? No.


A keyword that has a far greater chance of converting is something like “Hire SEO” or “SEO Northern Ireland, etc and the reason for this is because these keywords are far more specific and detail oriented. “SEO tips” might have a large volume of traffic but who will be searching for a term like this? All sorts of people who are just looking for some general SEO tips rather than people who are actually looking for an SEO expert. And this brings us to long tail keywords.      



4. Long tail local SEO keywords

 seo northern ireland

So once again you’re thinking, “ I want to rank for that high ranking keyword. I know the keyword will convert as its detail orientated and really specific rather then being a generalised keyword.”Yes, this sounds great but hold on. Stop.


Just because the keyword is the perfect keyword this does not mean you should try and target that keyword. Why? Because the chances are you may not have a hope in hell in ever ranking for that keyword. Why? For the simple reason that you could be coming up against competitors with hundreds of million of euros. Realistically, what are the chances of you ranking for a keyword that Nike, Paddy Power or some other major brand wants to rank for? You guessed it, practically Zero.


This is were long tail keywords should come into the equation. Long tail keywords are keywords that have low search volume but that are very specific orientated and so they will result in your website receiving lot more traffic. Because long tail keywords are less competitive you will have a far greater chance of ranking for these words rather than for some more competitive words.     

  SEO Northern Ireland

5. Website speed

 seo northern ireland

A top-quality SEO strategy in Northern Ireland or elsewhere will need to look beyond the basics of SEO. Great SEO means factoring a number of other things into the equation, such as website functionality and website speed. If a user goes onto your website and it takes a long time for the webpage to load this will adversely effect your Google rankings.  A significant SEO ranking factor is website speed and if your webpage is loading slower than a Donkey well then you can expect Google to act accordingly.




There are a number of different factors that you need to take into the equation if you’re going to do SEO successfully. Becoming any SEO strategist requires you to have a vast array of different skills. You will need to target the correct keywords, ensure your website is fast, and be brave enough to attempt different strategies.    

SEO Northern Ireland

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