Investment in advertising in Dublin is a crucial aspect of any viable business


Advertising in Dublin can make the difference between your business sinking beneath the waves or taking to waves and sailing off into paradise.


So what key areas do successful online businesses invest in?


There are many such as email marketing campaigns,  GoogleAdwords,  advertising on Facebook, SEO, and some traditional marketing methods.


So how can you discover that your Dublin advertising is working?


By measuring results. 

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It is known the importance of measuring results within online marketing to optimize our actions and achieve the desired sales targets.


If you’re looking for advertising in Dublin below, I’ve assembled the top 18 tips so that you can measure the results from your Dublin advertising industry.

advertising dublin

Advertising Dublin? 18 Key Tactics to Measure Results

Advertising Dublin

(1) Calls to action (CTA)

Test the performance of different calls to action based on their placement on multiple pages of your website and some pieces of content such as blogs, books, and seminars.

(2) Content bids

Calls to action are composed of different offerings: as an eBook, a seminar, a free consultation, etc. Test calls to action based on the themes and formats that are to provide (video vs. webinar, eBook vs. free trial, etc.). This type of testing can help identify wants and needs of its current and potential customers, helping to create the content they are looking for.

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(3) Color

Test the color of your buttons CTA. You can even test the color of your website or blog. Color can see that generates a better response.

(4) Size

Sometimes, simply make a CTA button, an image or a larger headline can improve our results. Maybe your headline is not flashy enough to draw the attention of users. Or maybe your button call to action is too small to stand out within your content. Test size of the website and its content items and see the difference.

(5)  The issue of your emails

In email marketing should test different types of issues, to determine which will achieve better click through rate.

(6) Titles of blog articles

Just as we did with the affairs of emails, we must test and analyze the titles of blog articles. And see which produce better results. Over time, you can highlight a pattern of specific words that attract more visitors.

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(7) Sender Email

Test several versions of how to the sender. Does it work better than the name of one of its employees or the company name appears? And the combination of both? Testing can see which will give better results.

(8) Email templates

Create different email templates, and test the effectiveness of each of them in your email campaigns.


Test length of your landing pages and forms (the shorter forms may be best for your business that long, or vice versa), content (your readers prefer that your blog articles are long or short). Email campaigns, update on social networks like Facebook, tweets, LinkedIn.

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( 10)Tone

Test tone of your message. A more serious approach will work better than more relaxed approach? Once you have done some testing and define the most effective tone, are faithful to him. Your company must have a recognizable, consistent tone in all your messages and content.

(11) Images

Test how your customers respond to different types of images – on your blog, your emails, landing pages, the CTA, etc.

(12) Timing

Do your tweets have more re-tweets morning or afternoon? What days of the week are best to generate engagement on Facebook? Perhaps your email marketing campaign is more effective on Saturdays and blog articles generate more readings during the middle of the week.

(13) Frequency

Do your readers are more receptive to more or fewer updates, either by email, tweets, blog posts, messages on Facebook …? Test what should be the refresh rate on each of its channels and take note of what works best.

(14) Keywords

Test performance of your keywords. Can you generate more traffic from a keyword long tail (long tail) rather than a keyword more general?

(15) Google Adwords

There are a number of variables and combinations of variables that can be tested in their AdWords campaigns: keywords, messages, images, offers, etc.

(16) Privacy

Add a note on the protection of the privacy of visitors to certain pages of your website to see if it has an impact on its results, to see if conversion rates are higher.

advertising dublin

(17) Data visualization

What is the best way to present the data? In a chart? A computer graphics? Test different ways of presenting the data to see what works best.

(18) Design

Try designing your blog articles, email marketing campaigns, as well as your home page, your blog homepage. Move the elements of your pages for your website and see how a design vs. another to see which gives better results.

Bonus for Web entrepreneurs and advertising in Dublin

If you had to give 3 bonus tips on creating a business on the Internet,

* Get involved team: Nobody has 100% knowledge and involved a team means that the project will work and any opportunity that will detect issues for improvement.

* Do not be afraid to go wrong: Err and failure are part of life. The important thing is to get up, go ahead and take on a new challenge.

* Be aware of your limitations: Scan your resources well. The life of a project depends on the resources. If your financial capacity, marketing capability, etc. It is limited who can give you looking for support to fill these gaps.”

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