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I recommend that most Real Estate Professionals write at least 2 – 3 posts a week on their blog. If you are not used to writing, this can seem like a daunting task.  You may get stuck determining your topic before you start writing.  Truthfully, there are more stories than you have time to write. Here’s Ten Ideas for Great Content to help you get started.

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1.  A real estate blogger should interview

Interview an Expert in the Real Estate or Related Field.  This could be an Agent in another area, a loan officer, photographer, professional stager.  Another variation is to send three questions to three different experts and report on the results.

2.  Community events are brilliant for real estate marketers

Most communities have events that happen throughout the year.  Write a promotional story on the event or take a unique angle.  Contact the event staff to get additional information.  Embed a Youtube Video about the event into your post.  Link your story to their site and you might get a great link back.

real estate marketing

3.  Conferences/Seminars can be a treasure trove of information for real estate bloggers

Are you attending a Real Estate BarCamp, Bootcamp or Conference.  Write a promotional story or document your time at the event.  Take pictures, share information about the speakers, tell what you learned at the event and why it will help your clients.

4.  A real estate blog in 2021 should use market trends

The real estate market is always changing and hyper-local.  Take the statistics you receive from your Realtor Association and write a story about the recent trends.  Run statistics reports from your MLS on popular neighborhoods or areas of town share the results with your readers.

5. The best real estate content creators will know how to respond to common questions

Do You get asked the same question frequently by different people?  It is likely that others want to know the answer to that question too.  Here’s your chance to answer that question for everyone and an opportunity to introduce people to your website when it is asked again.

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6. Guides are vital in real estate marketing

There are several variations of this great technique including The Beginner’s Guide to…, The Ultimate Guide to…, or The Complete Guide to…  for your industry.  This is a great evergreen technique, which means that the content is relevant today and in the future.

7.  Product or Service Reviews are integral for real estate marketing

Have you used a great product or service lately?  Is it one that your clients may find interesting or useful?  If so, this is great way to share information with your buyers and help promote a great company.  Promoting others is a great way to get someone to promote your company too.

8.  Top real estate marketing should use a glossary or A to Z

A Glossary of terms is a great way to share information with buyers and is something that they find useful.  Real Estate is full of technical terms or industry jargon that the average consumer does not understand.   If you want to take a unique look at a segment of your industry the A to Z report is a great alternative to the glossary.

real estate marketing

9.  Many of the best real estate marketing writers use  the “A Day in the Life of” strategy

Some of my most popular posts used the A Day in the Life of a Foreclosure Agent storyline.  I wrote about some of the unique or life changing experiences that I had as a Real Estate Professional.  This is a great way to show your clients another side of yourself.

10.  Lists or checklists  are vital in real estate blogging

This post is a great example of the list writing strategy.  Another similar option would be the checklist.  Variations on the checklist theme are Getting Ready to Sell, Getting Ready to Buy, Pre-Approval, or Closing Checklists.


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