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A SaaS Copywriter is the magic weapon that powers SaaS businesses through every stage of the customer journey.


The fact is, without a SaaS copywriter, the chances of your business model succeeding are greatly reduced.




Because many potential customers will begin to get lost within the labyrinth of the services that you offer.

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Hiring a SaaS copywriter is a bit like hiring someone to put makers and signs down during a road race, without these signs the participants in the race won’t know where they are going. A great SaaS copywriter will not only know how to promote the benefits of your SaaS business but will also know how to focus on the needs of the consumer, client, user.


Ultimately, the end goal of a SaaS copywriter will be to enhance the number of acquisitions and conversions that your business makes. In this blog post, I will consider some of the most important areas that need to be taken into account when analyzing SaaS Writing.

SaaS copywriter


The importance of onboarding for a SaaS Copywriter

SaaS Copywriter

I’ve lost track of the number of occasions that SaaS business’s have created great products but then fail miserably because they fail in demonstrating to customers how these products operate and function.


A top SaaS copywriter will know how to take the customer on each step of the journey and will know how to keep them engaged with your services.


So what exactly is “onboarding”? Onboarding is a new buzzword, and it basically means keeping customers engaged in your product.


A SaaS copywriter can accomplish this by ensuring that content is crafted in a way that ensures that the user experience is as enjoyable as possible. The goal of a Saas Copywriter is to ensure ease of use.

Onboarding will consider the overall user experience and will factor in how each segment of content created leads to the next stage. Elite SaaS writers will understand these concepts and will create their content accordingly.

SaaS copywriter


Customer retention will be vitally important to a freelance SaaS writer

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The best SaaS businesses will understand how absolutely vital customer retention is going to be. A freelance SaaS writer should be able to devise a strategy whereby users will be continually engaged via creating strategic content and feedback.


Once users have purchased some of your products, you will need to work to ensure that these users will actually find some benefit in your products and services. A freelance SaaS writer will ensure that your business is continually being pushed into the consciousness of customers. Of course, you will not want to be too pushy as this will lead to users getting annoyed and possibly cancelling their subscriptions, but what you will want to do is ensure that your freelance SaaS writer knows how to create the perfect amount of content to ensure that customers will keep engaged, not only in the short term but in the long term.

SaaS copywriter

Great copy is the lifeblood of a B2B SaaS writer

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Being a great B2B SaaS writer means you will be skilled in creating content that influences users. A B2B Saas writer should know how to craft content that has the power to persuade, guide, and instruct, but they will also understand that in copywriting sometimes less is more.


A top B2B SaaS writer will understand and appreciate the fact that every word that is inserted in SaaS writing should have the power to affect users. In the modern era, there are masses of content out there that is full of words but this content doesn’t actually tell you anything. Don’t create content like this. Your content should be like a signpost from one piece to the next and ultimately a signpost towards your conversion nets.


Your B2B SaaS writer should be able to craft content that takes users on a journey, but not on a journey into Alice and Wonderland where they don’t know what the f#8k is going on!

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The creation of user personas is vital to a SaaS writer

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A SaaS copywriter should always create content with the user in mind. In order to do this, the SaaS copywriter should be capable of building up a buyers persona. Once they have a buyer persona built up, the SaaS copywriter should then create content around this persona.


Some of the principle things that your SaaS writer should understand are the needs, wants, desires, hopes, and fears of the potential buyers. Knowing this information will allow the SaaS writer to craft content that will have more of  impact upon users and ultimately will lead to increase conversion rates.


For example, if the target market of your business is young men in their early twenties, you wouldn’t need to be genius to determine that these young men will seek women, maybe a car that doesn’t cost too much, fashionable clothes, etc. Depending on what you are selling your SaaS copywriter should create content that will revolve around exploiting the hopes and desires of your target market.

freelance SaaS copywriter


SaaS Copywriter

Being a SaaS copywriter will require you to have a diverse array of skills in your skill set. You should be able to engage users whilst at the same time not falling into the trap of being too aggressive or over the top with the content that you create. The fact is, if the SaaS writing is not of the highest standard then your business will lose out.


There is not much point in you creating a great service but then users get lost in a minefield and don’t know how to operate the service. A top freelance SaaS writer will know how to eliminate these potential pitfalls and will know how to guide users in how to use your product.


Overall, SaaS writing is a precious tool that has the potential to increase your conversion rates exponentially. . If you’re looking to hire the best freelance SaaS writer, the best B2B SaaS writer, or the best overall SaaS copywriter, why not contact us here at contentwriterireland and we’ll give you a free quote on how much it will cost to secure the very best in SaaS copywriting.

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