A Direct Response Copywriter has the potential to explode your sales through the roof.  In one sense, hiring a direct response copywriter is a bit like a heavyweight boxer delivering a six punch salvo to his opponents head and knocking him clean out!


Yes, direct response copywriting is so powerful that you literally will have your Bank Manager scratching his head wondering whether you just robbed the local credit union.

direct response copywriter


So what exactly is direct response copywriting?

direct response copywriter

Direct response copywriting is a form of marketing that involves communicating directly with customers in a manner that compels them to take an action.  This form of copywriting induces users to do stuff that they otherwise would not dream of doing.


Some of the mediums where a direct response copywriter will be found thriving in will include: blogs, writing headlines, articles, Tweets, Facebooks posts, and any other form of digital marketing.

direct response copywriter


Testing different strategies out will be a key factor for  a direct response copywriter

direct response copywriter

One of the key components of direct response copywriting is testing. A direct response copywriter will enable your company to try out a number of different tactics and strategies in seeing which one will be the most effective in improving your revenues.


Marketing companies love numbers because numbers don’t lie. Data enables companies to be given clear actionable information that can be used to grow businesses to previously unseen of heights.


There is an old saying in marketing which states that “you should never stop testing and your advertising will never stop improving.”  Another common phrase that digital marketers use is “always be testing”.


Having a  direct response copywriter in your company will be a very powerful tool in enabling your company to try different methods and techniques when you’re attempting to increase your sales conversion rates.  The fact is, testing will allow you to understand customers and where their heads are at.


When it comes to content marketing, testing is going to be the Holy Grail and doing this testing without a direct response copywriter in your team is going to be a bit like a football team fielding a team without a striker that can put the ball into the back of the net.

direct response copywriter

A direct response copywriter will understand the importance of the Call To Action (CTA)

direct response copywriter

In the modern world, effective marketing will always revolve around an effective call to action(CTA) plan. The goal of a direct response copywriter is to produce copy that will help guide readers towards using the all important CTA button.


Being skilled in the art of creating copy that can help persuades users to take an action that they otherwise might not have taken is going to be the end goal of direct copywriting.


There are a number of different skills that a direct response copywriter will have in their remit, not least the ability to understand psychology and how colours and certain words can lead to certain actions and reactions.


The goal of direct response copywriter will be to produce sales. “Show me the money” should be the mantra of an any effective direct response copywriting.

The best direct response copywriters will understand that the customer is king

direct response copywriters

A huge difference between branding and direct marketing is that branding focuses on your own company whilst direct marketing focuses on the consumer.  Directing marketing or direct copywriting is obsessed with the consumer.


Directing response marketing will understand the psychology, the needs, and desires of consumers. They will continually be striving to comprehend what makes the minds of users tick. One of the ways direct response marketers begin to appreciate the needs and desires of users is by analysing the data and then tweeking their strategy.


Often the best direct response copywriter  will understand that creating content in a less “in your face” fashion can produce far better results than a real aggressive marketing strategy. If you treat your users like they are idiots they will reward you in kind by leaving your website and going somewhere else.


For example, if someone is selling BMW’s they will understand that their target market will usually be middle class people with a decent amount of disposable income.  The direct response copywriter will create an advertisement that will target this middle class clique.


In contrast to this, if a business is selling cheaper second hand cars the direct marketer will create an add based on this persona. Usually people who will be buying cheaper second hand cars will have less money and so a top direct copywriter will tweak the copy they create to target this market.

direct response copywriter

The best direct response copywriters will appreciate the importance of Headlines

best direct response copywriters

A direct response copywriter will understand the importance of headings. Statistics show that the majority of people just read the heading and never actually the body of the text. A top direct response copywriter will understand the importance of creating a heading that will have an instant impact.


There are a number of different strategies that will need to be employed such as posing questions,  creating a witty headline, and asking questions. The best direct response copywriters will know how create the perfect heading so that users will want to click into the article and read more. When it comes to the creation of headings getting potential users right down into the traffic funnel is the end goal and the best direct response copywriters will know how to do this.


Being a direct response copywriter means that you will have a lot of different skills in your arsenal including marketing and copywriting.  An elite direct response copywriter will know that certain words will evoke certain emotions and will increase the chances of users going right down into your websites traffic funnel.  A direct response copywriter not only will have the ability to create great content they will create this content with the users needs in mind and they will tailor make this content so that it increases your websites overall conversion rates.

direct response copywriter

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