how to write a press release

A well written press release can be a fantastic way to spread the word about your business, get exposure to media outlets and obtain quality links back to your website.

However, press release writing is harder than it looks and capturing the right message to generate the maximum interest can be a challenge.


If you are crafting a press release for a company, here are some great tips that will help you create a piece of writing which stops potential readers in their tracks and grabs their attention right away:

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Grab Their Eye with Your Headline

Most of the time when we are reading through a blog or news website we don’t tend to read the entire website one post after another. Instead, we scroll through the headlines until one jumps out at us and we will read that one first.


If your headline doesn’t immediately catch the reader’s eye, they will likely skim over your press release and not even take the time to read it.


Your headline should be a little bit shocking or eye-brow-raising, while still reflecting the content of the press release. It should make the reader want to click on it and learn the rest of the story.

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Hook ‘Em with Your Lead

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The next part of the press release is the lead or the first paragraph. This is also one of the most important parts of the press release for catching the attention of your reader.


If they start reading the press release and are bored or disinterested by the end of the first paragraph, what are the odds that they will want to carry on reading, especially when there are so many other more interesting things to read on the internet?


In the first paragraph you should have told them exactly what the most amazing and impressive thing about the subject of your press release is and why they should care.

Reel Them In With Stories That Affect Them

Sure you could tell the reader all about the various details of your organization and what you do, but why should they care? People are usually only interested in what matters to them and their life.


So as you are describing the news of your company, think about how you can make this information relevant to your readers. How does it affect their lives and make their day to day existence easier or more enjoyable?


Deal with the actual facts, such as events, services, products, targets, goals, plans and projects. However, be sure to give these facts a human spin and relate them back to the reader.

Motivate Them with a Call to Action

Now that you have caught the reader’s eye with an inviting headline and got them interested with an engaging lead-in and a story that is interesting to them, what do you want them to do? All of your hard work is for nothing if there is no clear call to action in your press release, so now that you have their attention you shouldn’t waste this opportunity.


Do you want them to buy your eBook, sign up for a newsletter, call you for more information, sign up for a free trial, or attend an event? Tell the reader what action they should do and why they should do it.


These are just a few ways that you can make your press releases eye-catching and engaging.  If you keep these tips in mind you will be able to write press releases which generate an exciting buzz about a product, service or company and draw in plenty of interested customers.

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