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Best content writing services

If you are a company seeking to hire a top content writer, and you are lucky enough to get your hands on a top writer, you may well find that you’ve made one of the best hires that your company has ever made.


In this article, I will show some of the essential tips and tricks that the best content writing services will use.

Best content writing services


The best content writing services will produce actionable content

top content writer

Creating actionable content means creating content that people will find informative, educational, relevant and entertaining.  Actionable content should have the effect of inspiring readers to bookmark a webpage and ultimately return to the page. In the modern era, unfortunately,  many content writing services simply create content that are puff pieces, which are full of unnecessary words and content that ultimately tell the reader nothing.  A top content writer will cover all of the angles of a particular topic but at the same time they will not deviate off course and start talking unnecessary nonsense that tells the reader nothing.


The best content writing services will know how to craft a sentence

top content writer

In an era where people have a limited time span, and masses of other content is competing for your attention, it is absolutely vital that you make an impact with each line of your writing.


One of the techniques that a top content writer will utilise is short paragraphs. Short sharp paragraphs have the effect of making the content easier for your reader to read.  Another effective technique that any top content writer will use is crafting short sentences, because once more, these sentences are far easier to read.


If you hire a content writing service and they continually  craft content that uses long and windy sentences you will find that your message will get lost.  A top content writer should use short, sharp, and impactful sentences that will have an instant impact on readers.

Best content writing services

 A top content writer will conduct keyword research

Best content writing services

When it comes to article writing services, keyword research will be the bread and butter of any successful marketing campaign. But keyword research doesn’t mean throwing in random keyword on a willy nilly basis and hoping that these keywords will automatically rank on Google.  The best content writing services will know that they need to choose their keywords with care.  Rather than simply choosing a keyword that has a high search traffic volume your content writing services should be choosing keywords that have a commercial intent.


So what actually is commercial intent? Commercial intent keywords are keywords that users will use when they intend to make a purchase. These types of keywords have a far greater chance of converting than broad term keywords which might cover a topic in a general fashion.  Examples of commercial intent keywords, include: Buy, hire, purchase, top.  Putting these words, and many more, into your keyword strategy will help your company gain some traction when it comes to effective SEO.


The best content writing services will know how to create a marketing funnel

Best content writing services

Whilst bringing visitors to your website is of vital importance, this is only one piece of a much larger plan that you should be attempting to implement.  Far too many writers out there think that once they bring users to their website they have done their job. Not so. Bringing visitors to your website is only one piece of  a much larger jigsaw.


A top content writer will employ a solid plan that will ensure that a higher percentage of visitors will convert into revenue and profit.  There are many techniques in creating a successful marketing funnel and one of the most common techniques is to get users to sign up to an email list or to a newsletter list.  The best content writing services will usually insert the world “free” into any list offering free newsletters and free booklets that have the result of enticing users further into your marketing funnel.

Best content writing services


A top content writer will know the importance of introductions

best content writing services

Great writers know that in the first your sentences of an article you will have to produce some of your best writing. If the first few sentences are engaging, this will entice users to read the rest of the article.  In the internet users are attention spans aren’t much longer than a goldfish so if you want to make an impact with your article you should be striving to make an impact straight away.


In the world of marketing there is an acronym with the initials: AIDA


AIDA means Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.


This acocronym can easily be applied to content writing because if you don’t get your users attention from the get go the chances of them reading the rest of the article is going to be pretty miniscule. Another benefit that is accumulated if you can get users to read your article is that engagement is a significant ranking factor  on Google.  If a user comes to your website and spends minutes browsing and looking over content Google will notice this and will begin to positively rank your rank. Why is this?


Because in the age of so called fake news, Google is constantly striving to discover the credible and trustworthy websites from the websites that have content that cant be trusted.  As Google continues to crank down on content that is second rate, in the future,  you can only expect trusted and engaging content to become more and more important factors in getting your website ranked in that all important first position on Google.


The summary for best content writing services

Best content writing services

The best content writing services will have a vast reservoir of services at their disposal.  The best content writing services will know how to utilise all of these skills so that your website begins to rank at the top of Google.

There are many different techniques that a top content writer can employ to ensure that content that he/she creates is an impactful as it needs to be.


Overall, discovering the best content writing service for your business can take some time but if manage get your hands on a top content writer that suits your businesses needs you can expect your company to grow from height to height.

Best content writing services

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