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You are likely to have heard of the 10 commandments in the Bible.  Whether you are religious or not, there is something to be said for these commandments.


They allow everybody to live in a way in which they bring nothing but love to other people.  They ask for respect and doing good things.  Could it be that 10 simple commandments could also be applied to other areas in life, thereby making these areas better?  I believe so.

website content writing

Website content writing tips

So, let’s look at the 10 commandments of website content to help you design the best possible website.


1 – Thou Shall not Be Complicated

Always keep things simple.  If you cram your page full of information, your readers will be confused.  They will much prefer reading through essential bits of information and clicking on areas for further knowledge.  It keeps your pages nice and clean, making them load faster and being more engaging to your readers.

2 – Thou Shall not Design Idiotically

You never get a second chance to make a first impression as they say.  This is the same with your website.  If your design is all over the place, people will immediately dislike it and they will never come back.  Make sure it looks professional and that it immediately tantalizes your reader.

3 – Thou Shall not Complicate Navigation

People need to be able to find what they are after as soon as they arrive on your website.  If they have to click on three different things just to get to one piece of information, they will find it somewhere else.  Organise things well and use a top down design.

website content writing

4 – Thou Shall not Be Inconsistent

Each page on your website should have the same look and feel.  If you are inconsistent, people will start to wonder whether they actually went to a completely different website.  Keep the same layout and people are likely to pay more attention to your content.  Plus, it is easier for you to edit your website as well.

5 – Thou Shall not Be a Rainbow

Using the right colours is really important.  In fact, it can make or break your website.  Too many people fill their pages with pictures that look great individually, but put together clash to the point that they cause a headache.

6 – Thou Shall not Forget the Content

It’s not all about how your website looks, it is also about the content.  Each page has to be worth visiting basically.  This goes back to make sure the page is manageable and visually attractive, but the information itself has to be interesting, offering your reader something they needed.

7 – Thou Shall not Keep Things too Small

You have to make sure that you use the full browser window.  Many people now have large screens and they want to make sure the webpage they are looking at fills that complete window.  Hence, you need make sure you use scale functionality.  If this is too complicated for you, make sure you design at 1024×768 resolution, as this is most commonly used.

website content writing

8 – Thou Shall not Restrict Yourself

Different people use different browsers and you need to make sure that your webpage works well in each of these browsers.  Think, for instance, about Safari, Firefox, Opera and Explorer.  If you are designing a webpage, you need to have all of those browsers installed so that you can check what they look like in each different program.

9 – Thou Shall not Leave Errors

Proofreading is hugely important in terms of your text, so you really have to get someone to check your content for errors.  You also need to check each and every link to make sure that they work and lead to what they say they lead to.  Lastly, make sure all your images show up the way you want them to and where you want them to as well.

10 – Thou Shall not Use Someone Else’s Code

If at all possible, stay away from pre written script.  If you use this and something goes wrong, it is likely that you will have no clue about how to fix it.  Also, it is really visible and everyone will be able to see your page looks like a template.

website content writing


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