If you want to become the top content copywriter around this dream will not happen overnight. In order to be the top content copywriter, you’ll need to overcome all the obstacles that are thrown into your path.


What I mean by this is that you should be able to sustain the slings and arrows that life will throw at you. The fact is, it will take time for the Google Algorithms to fall in love with any top marketing content writer. Wooing the Google Algorithms is a bit like wooing the woman of your dreams- it takes time! If you rush in and expect to have the ladies panties on the floor a few minutes after saying a hello then you’re setting yourself up for failure.


What you should do is have a long-term strategy in how to get the woman and similarly, Google algorithms into your embrace. Any elite level marketing content writer will have a plan made it out to regularly put up content as this is what will ultimately drive you up to the top of that much sought-after summit.  

Below is an article that I’ve written an article about an Irish politician who is one of the most odious, hypocritical, and vilest creatures ever to enter into Irish politics. This is a man who will gladly sell out his own country just so long as it satisfies his extreme left ideas.


What this content writing piece demonstrates is my capability to penetrate into Irish politics and to discover the truth of the matter. As I’ve previously attempted to demonstrate a marketing content writer will need to be able to speak from multiple voices in order to be successful. 

Is there any politician in Ireland more nauseating than the unelected preacher Aodhan O Riordan? This hypocrite canvassed for the abolition of the senate but now he uses it as a platform to spout his own unique form of leftist extremism.

This failed politician travels around the world and purports to speak for the Irish people but alas he only speaks for himself and a handful of other left wing loonies.  This is the man who recently called Saint Patricks Day a “white nationalist celebration.” Aodhans self loathing of his own race is clear for all to see, but what he fails to take into account is that these are the very same people that he needs the support of if he wants to get legitimately elected.

O Riordan advocates for mass immigration and the destruction of the nation state. 20 years ago if a person had of advocated for free for all mass immigration they’d have been locked up in a padded cell, but somehow this dangerous ideology has become mainstream. But fortunately, with the election of Trump and Brexit, what we are not witnessing is a push-back against this leftist extremism.

To unite the world under one flag is the most dangerous form of nationalism of the lot- Hitler, Napoloen, and many other despots have tried to unite the world under different guises throughout the years.But this time the project is being done under the guise of globalism.This pie in the sky utopian nonsense is doomed to fail. And it will fail.

 But O Riordan’s smug “moral supremacy” and hypocrisy doesn’t end with immigration because this is a man who advocates for abortion and seeks to deprive the same right to life that he was given by his own mother.Additionally, the man’s hysterical rantings about Donald Trump reeks of the very same fascism that he trys to label Trump with. But the question needs to asked-Where was O Riordan’s protests when Obama was dropping bombs on the middle east by the thousand?But sure wasn’t Obama fashionable and from a minority and and this made him beyond reproach in the eyes of many left wingers. Bomb away.

If there ever was a case in point for the abolition of the Senate than Aodhan O Riordan is it. The Senate needs to be consigned to the dustbin of history and Aodhan O Riordan with it.

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