Ok, so you’re a web content writer and you want to write an article about Donald Trump but you dont want your website to plummet to the bottom of Google Rankings because you’re taking on such a controversial topic.  Fear not, because being a web content writer doesnt mean that you have to join the herd and write on the same boring topics as everyone else. Digital Marketing means you should have the ability to take on some hot potatoes and when writing about them do these hot potatoes the justice that they deserve.

Ok, so you might insult a few million people with your views, but hey, you might just have another few million people who’ll love you for having the balls of steel that are required to write on such touchy topics.  SEO Article writing means that you should be able to discuss a variety of topics and do so without fear of reproach. Being a web content writer means that you should be like an artist with a huge portfolio of work that can make you stand out from the massess. And this portfolio of SEO related work should have a diverse array of styles that employers will be able to relate to. 

What I’m trying to say, is that a web content writer shouldnt be just another sheep amidst the huge field of sheep that populate the internet. In order for your article writing to stand out you’re going to have to be prepapred 

The mainstream media hysteria regarding President Trumps election continues unabated. The simple fact is that if 20 years ago if a person had of advocated for free for all mass immigration they’d have been locked up in a padded cell, but somehow this ideology has become mainstream. But fortunately what we are not witnessing is a push-back against this far left extremism.

 The ironic thing is that this extremist ideology is driving many moderates to the right.  In many respects the far left are pushing people to right wing views becuase of the very politics that the left advocate. In order words, what Im trying to say, is that the left are virtually shooting themselves in the foot. That the more they shout from roofs and the more they try and shut down any dissenting opinions the more people will rebel against their draconians views and tactics. 

 In my view  radical leftism is every bit as dangerous as any far right rhetoric, because it creates the extremes in which they hope to eliminate. Globalism which seeks to eliminate borders and nation states, but ironically it brings us together in revolt against the totalitarian and utopian one world ideal. To unite the world under one flag is the most dangerous form of nationalism of the lot- Hitler, Napoloen, and many other despots have tried this tactic under different guises throughout the years.But this time the project is being done under the guise of globalism. This pie in the sky upotian nonsense is doomed to fail. And it will fail.  On a microscopic level why don’t these people leave the door to their entire house open? Sure arent we all one? What these people are calling for is anarchy.

 Farage, Trump, etc don’t say no immigration, they advocate controlled immigration, there is big difference! These leftist radicals who permeate every sector of the media need to acknowledge people have genuine concerns about the free for all mass immigration they want to impose upon us. There needs to be a certain glue that sticks a nation together,a glue that keeps the nation going forward as one and to try and elimate that glue is not only dangerous but negligent.  In my opinion, having controls on who you’re letting into your country is a sensible, reasonable, and prudent thing to do.

 In the meantime, all we can expect is more hysteria and shouting from the  mainstream media as survey the carnage and wreckage as their utopian dream begins to crumble from the seams. In actual fact, the media and their leftest allies remind of a young child wearing a Diaper who throws a  temper tantrum, because he didn’t get the toy he wanted.

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