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A professional SEO agency can increase traffic and revenue for your website


But what if you can’t afford to hire a professional SEO agency? What can do?




If you are a startup wanting to venture on the SEO scene but do not have enough resources, such as time or money, to do so, we compiled some hacks you can explore. In this article, we give you some tips on how you can achieve the same results using cost-free methods.

professional seo agency


A professional SEO agency will use long-tail keywords for your blog

Long-tail keywords refer to the three to four keyword phrases that specifically describe or define what you are selling.


Unlike generic or vague keywords, long-tail keywords are more particular about the subject. Using this type of keywords for your blog, specifically on your blog title, will help your site appear on more specific searches.


Competing on generic keywords are only effective when you have a budget for SEO efforts. In case you have none, go the other route and target the more descriptive keywords.

professional seo agency

A professional SEO agency will use free SEO tools online

Your SEO journey does not need to be expensive to be effective. You simply need the right knowledge and use the right tools. If SEO tools are your concern, know that there are free online tools you can use for optimization.


Google has several free tools you can use. One is Google Analytics, which can help you identify search queries and landing pages with excellent performance in SERPs. Another one is Google Webmaster Tool that can give you the resources you need, such as testing tools, ad experience report, and more.

professional seo agency

A professional SEO agency will submit your site to internet communities

There are online tools like StumbleUpon that helps bring your website to people’s discovery. StumbleUpon is a search engine extension that recommends websites and articles depending on your searches. If you add your site to communities like this, more people will “stumble” into your page. It will also enable more social shares and increased visibility for your part.

A top professional SEO service will think outside the box

If you offer products, try listing them on Amazon or eBay. Creating an account in any marketplace like these is one of the best ways to increase your reach. Because it is a high traffic place, your product can get more appearance on searches. You can always link back to your website through the product description.

Create infographics

In case you are not selling any products, you can try exploring creating infographics on your page.


When people search for information, they often refer to easy-to-understand visuals.


The more your infographics appear on their search results, the more visits your site gets. Infographics also use keywords through the alternative text of the image.


The more infographics you add to your site, the faster your rank will increase.

professional seo agency

Professional SEO services, the conclusion

If there is desire, there is always another way to achieve your goals. Acquiring SEO services from online marketing SEO services can help your business perform better, but there is always a cheaper or free alternative. All you need to do is to learn about these hacks and work harder to achieve the desired results.


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professional seo agency

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