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A product description writer should be able to create content that will tantalize and provoke users into clicking on that all important buy button. The fact is, a well written product description has the power to move customers through your sales funnel.  A product description writer has the power to inject creativity into brand and increase your overall conversion rates.

product description writer

A product description writer will understand value propositions

product description writer

Whilst the majority of people will make purchases based on the product photo if you fail to create lively, engaging, and informative headlines you will be decreasing your chances of making a conversion.  One of the principal goals of a product description writer is to educate readers on the key benefits, value proposition,  and the overall solutions that the product will offer. In this article, I will focus on some of the key areas that a product description writer will  need to focus on and how your business can best benefit from hiring a product description writer.

product description writing services

 A freelance product description writer will appreciate the importance of content length

freelance product description writer

Each website will have a different layout, style, and product description template and just because one style suits one brand this does not mean that it will suit another. A top product description writer should be able to quickly determine which type of descriptions are going to suit your own particular brand. Sometimes when it comes to product descriptions, less is more, and in some stores simple bullet point descriptions may be enough to get your message across.

There are a number of different tools that a product description writer can use when they are trying to figure out the length of the descriptions, some of these tools include Google optimise. Overall, when it comes to the length of content that is needed there is no one size shoes that fits all, the shoe that fits one person may pinch another. The best way your product description writer can determine what length will suit your business is via a system of trail and error.


Properly optimised content will be a key factor for product description writing services

product description writing services

The best product description writing services will appreciate that having properly optimised descriptions will greatly improve SEO.  An elite level product description writing service will be skilled in optimising content via including specific keywords that will greatly improve your chances of ranking on Google.  Watery content will result in your products not ranking on Google because the content wont be long enough to contain a satisfactory level of keywords for that content to appear on the Google search results.


Not only should your product description writing services be able to insert keywords these keywords should be words that will be infused with commercial intent or buyer intent. Ensuring that your content is suffused with commercial intent will result in you receiving traffic that actually converts into cold hard cash, rather than traffic that is effectively dud, empty, and useless traffic. Elite product description services will understand that not all traffic is created equally and the best traffic to get onto your website will be the traffic where users will intent to make a purchase.

product description writing services


An Ecommerce content description writer should be able to delve into the psychology of users

ecommerce content description writer

An elite ecommerce content description writer will not only be skilled in creating SEO rich content they will be skilled in including words that will have an impact upon the psychology of users. For example, some of these keywords are well renowned as having a huge impact about users:

  • Suddenly
  • Quick
  • Amazing
  • Hurry

Some of the best words that a product description writer should craft into their content should be words that induce a sense of urgency. If users read content and the content suggests that there will be a limited time available for the product customers will be more likely to make a purchase. An ecommerce writer should be able to craft content that creates this sense of urgency and provokes them into opening their wallet and making that all important purchase.

product description writing services

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