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Almost all companies and businesses online perform search engine optimization (SEO) marketing to improve their visibility and increase brand awareness.


Given that many companies are trying to rank their website and content online, it is hard for some businesses to thrive and make it to the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs). That is why marketers keep themselves updated on the latest SEO best practices so as not to lose their ranking.

What strategies do top SEO companies use?

Like any other marketing strategy, SEO marketing requires considerable skills and effort to enjoy its benefits and results. Although it may be challenging to rank well due to stiff competition, there are several SEO techniques to help you out.


To help you gain an edge, here are 5 of the best SEO tips that top SEO companies will use to help you achieve real results:

top seo companies

1. Top SEO companies will focus on Keywords

As you may know, keywords are the heart of SEO. Search engines like Google rank your website in their SERPs based on the industry-related keywords that you integrate into your site’s pages and content.


To make your way to the top of the SERPs, avoid using too generic keywords, as many companies are undoubtedly using them as well. Instead, use specific keywords by either mentioning your particular type of service or tagging your service area locations.


Although fewer online users are searching for long-tail keywords such as those, you will still have higher chances of ranking with those keywords if you integrate them well into your pages and content.

top seo companies

2. Metadata is key for top SEO companies

Next to keywords, you should also pay attention to that metadata of your content. This includes the title and meta description that appear in SERPs. To maximize the potential of your content to rank, integrate related keywords to your content title. Make sure that the title is readable and isn’t too long, as Google cuts titles that exceed the screen limits. Ideally, your title should be about 60 characters to fit Google’s standards.


As for the meta description, you should provide a rich yet concise extract of your content to encourage online users to click your site. Although it does not directly affect your SEO ranking, it impacts your click-through rate (CTR), which pertains to how many users clicking on your content. The more clicks you receive, the higher traffic and leads your website collects.

top seo companies

3. Content

Without content, you won’t be able to integrate keywords into your site. Producing high-quality and helpful content increases your brand authority. This is important because Google ranks websites and content that offer valuable information for users’ queries, which is why you should invest in content writing to raise your chances of ranking on SERPs.


Here are several foolproof SEO best practices for content writing:


Provide helpful information and insights
Aim for high readability
Do not stuff too many keywords
Insert call-to-actions

top seo companies
4. Top SEO companies will understand the importance of Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

As previously mentioned, CTAs are one of the essential components of SEO marketing. The thing with CTAs is that they encourage your readers or visitors to browse your website further, increasing your traffic, leads, and engagements.


CTAs can come in several forms, including:


Hyperlink to your site article which leads to a specific page in your site
Buy buttons on your product page
Subscribe or follow buttons
To encourage your visitors to click your CTAs, you may consider customizing your buttons by changing its style, color, font, and size.

5. Mobile-optimization

To reach more audiences and increase traffic on your site, make sure to optimize your site for small screens. This is an essential step, primarily because most online users today browse websites through their smartphones.


Apart from creating a mobile-friendly site, also ensure that it has excellent navigation, a simple yet professional layout, and fast loading speeds. By doing these, you lower your chances that your visitors leave your site due to a poor experience.

Top SEO companies, the conclusion

SEO marketing is constantly improving. By keeping yourself updated about the latest and most effective SEO best practices, you ensure that your site and content will remain at the same ranking if not higher.


To achieve result-driven SEO marketing, you should integrate keywords to your website. Aside from that, your site should also have optimized metadata, high-quality content, excellent CTAs, and mobile-responsiveness.


If you want to receive a free SEO analysis of your website and content, get in touch with us today. You can also read our blog to learn more about SEO best practices and learn more about the best SEO tips and techniques.

top seo companies

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