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We all know that everyone needs SEO. You need to rank in Google, there’s no 2 ways about it. The problem is, if you come in quoting a 6 month contract at £1000 p/m to some small businesses they will just say “oh we can’t afford that” and you’ll both be on your way. Which is no use to anyone.

The solution = provide insane nuggets of value!

Small Business SEO


Recently I was approached by the owner of a gym who wanted some SEO advice, but like most people didn’t have the budget for a full campaign.


So instead of parting ways we set something up that was beneficial for both parties.


If you’ve been around in the SEO game for a while you know for a FULL site audit you should be charging 4 figures.


Yet for local business websites with 100 pages, they cannot  justify charging £1000+ on an audit and if we’re honest you can’t justify charging it either. So instead provide a “mini site audit“. This is what we agreed to, but there are also other services you can offer to individuals or businesses who want your help.

affordable seo company

What can you offer to these businesses:

You have to remember 2 key things when offering these services. The first is don’t offer MORE than you can cater for.


If you’re providing a mini audit for an E-commerce site with 1000+ pages/products for £100 your going to have a problem.


Additionally, make sure you make a high ££ per hour when you break it down. With client SEO I won’t take on anything I cannot break down to make £50 an hour from, e.g. creation of a video will be in Camtasia.


Full mini audits will take 2 hours maximum. BUT always be polite and accommodate for any needs, sometimes doing a £100 audit can lead to a £3,000 per month client from the word of mouth marketing! Anyway here are a few things you can offer businesses that can’t afford full SEO campaigns:


  1. Google business creation and optimisation – £100.
  2. Video creation and ranking in YouTube (and Google) – £100.
  3. Full Website mini audit. Scrape the site, write the on-page elements to be solved, check for penalties, backlinks, citations and image optimisation, all of which most businesses will be able to edit themselves and SEE the results straight away! – £100.
  4. Ranking in Google Maps ONLY – £100 monthly. More difficult than the above methods but if you really know your local SEO it’s not that difficult to do as long as the niche isn’t too competitive.

affordable seo company

Both Parties Benefit!

You Receive:

  1. Word of mouth for your positive services and knowledge
  2. Bit of extra instant cash flow for your business. Important if your a start up.
  3. A case study to use on your site or an additional testimonial.

affordable seo company

They Receive:

  1. All the key information that makes 90% of the difference to their rankings for only a tiny price.
  2. Contact to an SEO expert for free!
  3. A Maps/Video page ranking in Google and YouTube. Huge ROI from a £100 investment.

affordable seo company

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