How To Get Your Blog Noticed

When you start your blog, it can be hard to get noticed and build an audience. But there are some simple ways that you can promote your blog without spending too much time or money. You just have to know where to look and how to use the internet’s power for good!

Guest post on popular blogs.

Guest posting on top blogs is one of the best ways to promote your blog. It’s cheap, it builds your credibility in the industry and it gets you backlinks that will help with SEO.

Big blogs usually have millions of visitors per month, so they are perfect platforms to get noticed by thousands of people in a short space of time.

Here are some tips for writing guest posts that grab attention from editors:

  • Make sure your article is relevant to the blog’s audience (for example, if you’re writing about social media marketing – don’t send an article about dog grooming).
  • Get started early – there can be a lot more work than expected when writing a guest post so start as soon as possible and give yourself plenty of time for editing and proofreading! It might take you days rather than hours initially but this will save time later down the line when all those little tweaks need doing…

Offer value in every blog post.

  • Provide value in every blog post.
  • Offer the reader with a reason to keep reading.
  • Give them something they can use.
  • Give them something they can’t find anywhere else.
  • Give them something that will make their life easier.
  • Give them something that will make their life better

Create an email list.

Creating an email list is a great way to keep your readers up-to-date with your blog and its content. You can use it to send out updates about new posts, special offers, product launches and other information that might be of interest to them. An email list is also a great place for you to promote your products and services; by sending out relevant offers via email, you’ll be able to increase sales from existing customers as well as drive new traffic back to the site.

There are lots of ways in which you can promote the idea of signing up for an email list but one simple method is by asking people when they subscribe via social media: “Would you like me to add you my email list so that I can keep you updated with new posts?”

Create a Facebook page for your blog.

Having a Facebook page for your blog is an easy way to widen your reach.

  • Create a Facebook business page, not a personal one.
  • Use the same name as your blog for the Facebook page, so it’s easy for people to remember you.
  • Add profile and cover photos that represent your blog.
  • Add links to articles on the website (and any other social media platforms where they exist), so people know where they can find more content by you!

Join Facebook groups relevant to your niche.

Join Facebook groups relevant to your niche.

Facebook groups are an incredible way to get your blog noticed and build an audience. They’re also free, easy to join, and easy for people who are interested in joining a group to find (just do a search for the topic of your blog).

Use the first five minutes of each day to hunt down relevant Facebook groups that could be good fits for your blog—you can use keywords from within your content or even just type “Facebook group” into Google if you have no idea where else to look! Look for active and engaging communities that would be willing candidates as future readers by checking out their latest posts and looking at how many people have commented on them. If it looks like they may be interested in what you have written about, reach out! Start conversations with other members and see if there is any interest in what you have to say.

Promote your blog post by commenting on other blogs.

  • Comment on other blogs and ask if they would like to guest post on your blog.
  • Comment on other blogs and share your own blog link.
  • Comment on other blogs and ask if they would like to exchange links.
  • Comment on other blogs and ask if they would like to share promotional posts with each other (this is called cross-promotion).

Promote your blog post on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc.

Social media is a great way to promote your blog. You can use Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social networks to get the word out about your latest posts.

  • Use hashtags and relevant keywords in your tweets so people can easily find you (and click on links).
  • Find influential people in your niche and engage with them.
  • Find influencers who share similar interests to you, then follow them on social media platforms like Twitter and Google+.

Join Quora and promote your content there as well.

Quora is a Q&A website that’s become incredibly popular in recent years. In fact, it’s one of the most popular sites in the world at the moment. Each day, millions of people use Quora to ask questions and engage in discussions about different topics ranging from politics to relationships to their favorite TV shows.

Quora is also an excellent platform for promoting your content. You can share links to blog posts or other articles on your website with others by answering questions about those topics in public forums or private groups (which are created by members). In addition, you can ask questions related to what you want your audience to know more about—and then answer them yourself! This will help you find new readers while giving them information they need right away!

Use the power of Reddit.

If you’re looking for an untapped gold mine of traffic, look no further than Reddit. It’s one of the most popular websites in existence and a boon for those seeking to promote their blogs.

Reddit is a social media site that allows users to share content with other members of their community. The most popular posts rise to the top of each subreddit (a subsection of Reddit) based on user votes.

Subreddits are typically centered around specific topics such as travel, news or something more niche like “Game Of Thrones.” That makes it easy for you to find relevant subreddits where your blog post can get traction quickly and build momentum among potential readers. For example: if I wanted to market my travel blog through Reddit, I could post links in subreddits like r/travel or r/london where people would relate with my topic and potentially share my content with others in those same communities.

Share content and posts frequently.

Share content and posts frequently.

This is the most important one. If you want your blog to be noticed, you need to share it on social media, forums, other blogs and your email list.

The frequency of the postings matters too. The more often you publish content, the better results you will get from promoting it!

Use forums that are related to your niche or topic.

Forums are a great way to start getting your name out there. The key to using forums is finding the ones that are related to your niche or topic, and then making sure that you’re posting about things that people want to read about. If people like what you write, they’ll follow you on social media, where they’ll also see your website URL as well as other links back to blog posts. The more content you create and share, the higher up in search rankings (and by extension social media engagement) you’ll rise. Just remember: don’t spam! You want genuine engagement with real people who are interested in what they’re reading from someone who has something valuable to say; if anyone reports you for spamming or otherwise violating forum rules, chances are good that account will be removed from the site altogether—and along with it all of its potential influence over those readers who liked what was being written there before bad behavior got involved.

Don’t forget Tumblr and Flickr.

Tumblr and Flickr are both visual platforms, so they’re great places to share your blog posts. Both sites have an active community of users who enjoy sharing photos, videos and audio files. Be sure to optimize these images for search engines by using the alt tags (the text that displays when you hover over an image). Tumblr is also a great place for people who want to make money from their blogs because it has a very active community where people buy t-shirts with funny sayings on them or other merchandise like stickers.

These are small ways to promote your blog that may be small but they can be effective

These are small ways to promote your blog that may be small but they can be effective.

These are some of the most effective ways to promote your blog.

These are all free ways to promote your blog.

These are all easy ways to promote your blog.


Promoting your blog isn’t easy because there are so many options out there. The great thing about these tips is that they’re small and easy to implement, but they can be effective when it comes down to getting your content seen by more people.

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