Top Legal Marketing Agencies: Your Guide to Law Firm Marketing

Choosing the right law firm marketing agency can significantly boost your client base and revenue. But how do you decide which agency is the right fit for your firm?   This guide will explore key areas where law firms can enhance their online presence and increase their profitability. We’ll delve into SEO, content writing, general marketing strategies for law firms, […]

Hire Dublin Copywriter | 13 Copywriting Tips

So, you’re running an online business.   You have a brilliant product or service that people love Your branding and packaging is spot on You’ve got a slick, professional looking website And, you’re showing up on the 1st page of Googles search engine results page (SERPs). Fantastic!   But for some reason, the cash and business enquiries aren’t flowing in. Or does it?   The reason why […]

4 Ways To Write a Knockout Sales Flyer or Sales Leaflet

It’s a given that in today’s competitive business world you need to aggressively market your services and products. How can you do this effectively? One method, the tried and tested ‘sales flyer,’ is still an excellent means of reaching a large target audience and a good way to introduce a price reduction or an existing special offer.     The […]

Newsletters That Beg To Be Read!

You’ve spent time writing your latest newsletter and you’ve now emailed it to your list of subscribers. You’re disappointed to discover that your ‘open’ rate is very, very low. For every 600 subscribers, only 9 have opened it (and may or may not have read it!). Even fewer have then visited your website. It doesn’t seem like newsletters are working […]

Top 7 Copywriting Tips for 2021| How SEO Copywriting has evolved?

In the last few years, SEO copywriting services have changed dramatically. Traditionally, SEO copywriting focused on targeting specific keyword phrases repeated a number of times throughout a website. Research now shows that around 85% of the factors that determine web page rankings are based on things that happen ‘off’ the page. In this blog post I will touch on some […]

How Often Should Businesses Blogs? 2021 Blogging Tips?

Last week I talked about blogging and the importance of regularly updating your blog content, but how often counts as “regularly” and can you blog too often?   As a minimum you should really be posting new content once a week and if you really think you’ve got enough to say you can post every day.   However, there are […]