Over this part number of years, digital marketing has evolved into an almost unrecognizable monster.  Google has emerged as a one-man wrecking ball obliterating all other competition in its path. And when you factor in Googles ever-evolving algorithms and the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape it can be very easy to lose sight of what the best practices and procedures are when it comes to the growth of your business. But no matter how much the sands shift underneath our feet there are a number of strategies and practices that will always remain steadfast when it comes to SEO and content marketing.


Obviously, with each new algorithm update, the holy grail remains the deciphering of this what these shifts mean.Will new Google algorithm updates mean that you will have to totally change your SEO strategy? How can SEO experts keep up to date and relevant when the digital marketing landscape is continually evolving?


The answer to all of these questions is that you need not panic and throw out the entire rulebook just because changes are happening around you. There are a number of course principles that you should always abide by when implementing effective and successful SEO practices. In this blog, I will attempt to explain three common blogging and SEO mistakes that you should try and avoid like the plague!

  • Unoptimized Keywords

 Keyword research should always take priority when you’re attempting to implement an effective digital marketing strategy. The fact remains that if you’re just randomly covering topics without inputting relevant keywords then the chances of your business being successful is going to be remote.  

Keyword optimized content will help your web page rank higher and will increase your conversion rates. Additionally, many dumbass bloggers fail to optimize their headers and meta tags with the keywords that they intend to utilize and this is another massive mistake!

  • Poor Page Copy results in bad SEO

 Who wants to read some boring ass crap that will put you to sleep? At the end of the day if  you wanted to catch a few Zzzzz’s you’d go to bed you wouldn’t be reading content on the internet. What SEO gurus need to take account of is that their content must be interesting. It’s very important to capture your reader’s attention and not bore them to death with excessive jargon.  The majority of content writing is about branding and the branding must be interesting, quirky, and fun.

  • Poor SEO Promotion

One of the biggest errors that bloggers make is that that they don’t know how to promote their content. The fact of the matter is that there is no point in you writing the next James Joyce masterpiece and then throwing the manuscript up in your attic. Bloggers need to promote their content via different platforms such as social media and via social influencers.  

You should also contact authoritative websites and ask them will they put backlinks to your website on their page. There are multiple ways for you to promote your content but for goodness sakes don’t just publish content and then let it gather dust. You must promote, promote, promote and promote again.

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