Local SEO – 10 Top Tips for making the most of Google maps

Getting a good position on map searches can be incredibly effective for small businesses who operate in a limited geographical area.   Firstly, if the map is shown then it’s usually at the top of the page and is nice and prominent. Higher than the straight organic search listings.   Secondly, more and more people are searching using the phrase […]

7 Essential habits for business blogging

Great business blogging is a bit like a lighthouse out in the dark ocean that will guide ships into safe harbor, or in your case, right into your conversion nets! You want your business blogging to entice people into your website and become loyal customers who will open their wallets time and time again.   In this blog post, I’m going […]

Top 3 Business Blogging SEO Tips for 2022

Getting your keywords right is the first step in search optimisation for your website – and it’s the most important. After all, if you optimise your site for the wrong things, you might as well not have bothered.   It can all sound techy, but really it’s common sense backed up by a couple of useful tools.   Follow these […]

7 Business Blogging Styles to Avoid in 2022

When you’re writing a blog for your small business– you need to make it interesting for real people (not just Google!)   Just be vigilant. You want to avoid these 7 mistakes. You won’t believe the last one! 1. The business blogging strategy that has a company acting like a street beggar Often found with eCommerce stores, a constant sales […]

Conversion Copywriting?

So you’ve worked hard to get people to visit your website. You’ve been to every networking meeting possible, sent a cyber-tonne of emails, become a permanent status update, and tweeted so much you’ve got cats pawing at your windows! But how can you be sure people will stay on your site long enough to read all the good stuff? This […]

Web Copy? Top 6 Tips To Improve Your Web Copy

It’s late, you’re sat scratching your head, laptop open. All the urgent jobs that pay the bills are done, so you start thinking about sorting what you’ve written on your website. You’re not happy with it but creativity is running thin, and you just want it done!   So here are 5 quick fixes to make the copy on your […]