Just because you’re a freelance content writer this doesn’t mean that you have to abide by all of the rules and write boring mundane articles day after day. Being a content writer means that you have the ability to explore and test new things out for yourself. SEO isn’t an exact science and in order for you to find what is right for you-you should play around a bit and then decide what formula works best for you. An SEO Article writer should have the capacity to abide by certain rules and then also have the ability to trailblaze across the Google Landscape. The Google Algorithms will soon realize that your interesting and exciting articles are getting traffic and this will result in your website getting shot up the Google Rankings. The fact is, any top freelance content writer must have the ability to write in various voices in order to survive in this cutthroat business.  A freelance content writer should be able to comfortably speak from multiple brands names and if your writing skills are very good then you will soon rise to the top of the pile. The old saying of “the cream always rises to the top” is a very true saying and it’s a saying that is particularly true when it comes to freelance content writing.

Monaghans Pig

It’s often been said that Pigs will fly before the Monaghan’s Gaelic Football team win the Sam Maguire, but now it seems the impossible has happened, a Pig has taken flight, spread it’s wings, and is soaring above the stony grey soil of Monaghan.   In honor of 6thcentury  Saint Maileod,  a metallic Pig has been erected on the road that stretches out over the N2 Dublin/Derry road leading into Castleblayney.

The work was recently completed by Scottish sculptor David Annad, who was paid 90,000euro by the County Council for his sculpted piece. A further 10,000 was then spent on transporting and erecting the sculpture, bringing the grand total for the work to 100,000euro. A figure which has caused outrage in some quarters.

The History

The origins for the bizarre sculpture goes way back to the 6th Century when local legend had it that Saint Maileod tried to build a Monastery in the Muckno area, but that a black Pig would swim out to the Monastery every night and would knock it down.

But Monaghan, and its unusual association with the animal goes back even further than the 6th Century. Located In the county is over 3 miles of the Black Pigs Dyke, which is an ancient earthworks dated from before Roman Times, that stretches from southwest Ulster to Northwest Connaught.  The dyke  consists of  10 feet high ditches separated on either side by a width of 30 feet.

The actual function and name of the black pigs dyke has long been disputed. Some Historians believe that it was likely a frontier to prevent Cattle rustlers invading neighbouring territory and stealing Cattle. One legend also has it that a huge black Boar tore up the countryside with his giant Tusks, and thus, came the name the Black Pigs Dyke.  Local folklore also tells a tale that before the end of the world a black pig will return and will flatten the Dyke

An archaeological  dig on the site in 1982 discovered  timber fortifications  made of Oak which had been burnt, probably suggesting some kind of battle had occurred that destroyed them. Further excavations are planned in the near future.


In more recent times, in Ballybay in the forties, chaos was unleashed when a black Pig began  roaming wildly around the town.  Terrified locals speculated that perhaps the Sow had devil worshipping origins, but these fears, along with the black polish that some prankster had smeared on it, were all washed away with a heavy shower of rain.

And Monaghan’s brand new swine has attracted considerable controversy with one local councillor, Brendan Hughes, labelling it “terrible” and a “monstrosity.” Questions have also been raised about the excessive cost and of the security of the structure.  With many people concerned that unscrupulous individuals might come and knock the structure down just like the original 6th century Pig did to the unfortunate Saint Maileods Monastery.  

Perhaps the only thing that may happen is that lovers of Sausages and Rashers will flock towards the N2, pull over in their Cars, and silently bow their heads in respect.  To pork lovers, visiting Saint Maileods Pig might become like a pilgrimage to Mecca. However unlikely the above scenario is, one certain indisputable truth remains, the Scottish artist David Annad will have been as happy as a pig in shit to receive his 90k payment. 


I hope you enjoyed my article because as a freelance content writer this is my main goal and target. I hope you appreciate that just because you’re involved in SEO article writing and SEO Marketing this doesn’t necessarily mean that the content has to bore you to death. Top quality SEO writing should inform readers and entertain at the same time- to achieve both is the holy grail of top SEO writing.  Many freelance content writers these days are as predictable as robots and this is something you should strive to avoid. So if you’re a freelance content writer you should use your imagination and never be afraid to think outside the boring four-walled box.

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