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You build a website and it looks like a finely decorated piece of art.


You’re all excited because an avalanche of traffic is going to roll in.


You’re all set for cash registers to ring.


But then something happens.


Zero traffic comes to the website.


Your webpage has transformed from a finely decorated piece of art to something reminiscent of an abandoned building.

The sound of silence is deafening.


Solution? Hire a London SEO copywriting company. A top London copywriting company will have an arsenal of skills that will have that abandoned building cracking at the hinges with all the traffic and footfall going through it.

SEO copywriting london


The fact is, if your web copy is not infused with SEO you’re setting your website up for failure. What is the point in hiring someone to craft superb web copy but nobody reads said web copy? The best way you can ensure that people read your web copy is by ensuring that your content gets ranked on Google.


So how can you ensure your content gets read on Google? What tactics would I need to employ if I want to rank for a keyword like “SEO copywriting London”? In this blog post, I will touch on some of the key tactics that a London SEO copywriting company will use to get your website ranked on Google.

SEO copywriting london


Keyword selection is vital for any London SEO copywriting plan

Everyone thinks SEO means keywords and whilst keywords are important they are just one component that needs to be incorporated into a much larger SEO strategy.


The basic philosophy


Most people think that all they have to do to rank for a keyword is dump the keyword into a blog post and then the traffic will flow in like a tsunami. Wrong.


Just because a keyword has a high volume of traffic, this doesn’t mean that you should try to rank for it. The keywords that you should target should be keywords that are infused with commercial intent. These types of keywords will be far more likely to convert than standard generic type keywords.

SEO copywriting london

If you’re looking for your London SEO copywriting to succeed headings are key

With SEO copywriting London it’s going to be vitally important that you include the keywords you’re seeking to target in your headings and subheadings. The most important heading is always the H1 heading and in this heading, you should try to get your keyword inserted in at least once and maybe even twice.

A London SEO copywriting company will produce content that has a natural flow

Whilst a London copywriting company will strive to get a keyword peppered into an article, they won’t do so at the expense of naturally flowing words. The fact is, any content that you create must look and read natural and if it isn’t, readers are going to take flight quicker than a Cheetah running after an Antelope.


Like in many things in life, it’s the balance that needs to be struck, and if you’re not balancing optimizing content and ensuring that the content reads in a clear and natural manner you’re setting yourself up for failure.

SEO copywriting london

Backlinks are vital for SEO copywriting London

Everyone knows that good quality backlinks are a vital part of copywriting strategy and the London SEO copywriting company that you hire should have a system in place that ensures that you get some high-quality relevant backlinks.


Whilst you could decide to embark on the “easy way” and purchase a load of backlinks, be very wary of such a tactic because if Google discovers that the backlinks pointing to your website you’re going get penalised every heavily.

If you want to succeed at SEO copywriting London researching will play a key role.

There is an old saying “fail to prepare then prepare to fail” and this saying is very apt with copywriting. For example, if I’m trying to rank for a keyword like “SEO copywriting London” first, I’ll need a solid grasp of what type of persona I’ll be crafting content for. A top London SEO copywriting agency will gather this information and will craft content around this persona which will ensure that it has maximum effect.

SEO copywriting london

Branding is key SEO tactic

The image, brand, and personality of your SEO copywriting are going to be an enormous factor in deciding whether your SEO tactics are a success. Why? because if the market comes to like your brand it’s going to take on a life of its own.


A top-of-the-line brand image will help your SEO because it will increase the chances of getting publicity and getting your content shared. With SEO copywriting London always ensure that your branding sticks out from your rivals, because this will help take your brand to a whole new level.

SEO copywriting london

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