In order to become the best local SEO Company you’re going to need your head screwed on and ultimately you’re going to need to know what you’re at. For example, there’s no point in you being out at sea with a captain who has read all of the books about how to man a boat but has no practical experience in captaining a ship.


A scenario like this will ultimately lead to a shipwreck, and similarly, if you want to become the best local SEO company you’re soon going to be run aground if you don’t know all of the tricks of the trade. What I’m trying to say is that you can have all of the knowledge about SEO but if you don’t know how to put this knowledge into practice well then you’re going to be running into big trouble.  

The local SEO Marketplace

One of the number one rules I would always tell my clients to abide by is knowing the marketplace. You cannot become an SEO King if you don’t know the marketplace. Companies should be aware of who they are targeting and what particular SEO keywords will allow them to capture the big fish that will open up their wallets and pay for your services.


But In the dog eat dog world of the internet there are many giant predators circling the oceans and sometimes if you’re new to the market you can be best of targeting some of the lover level fish on the food chain. The long-run strategy will be to have Moby Dick sizzling on the frying pan, but in the short term you need to reevaluate your tactics to suit your current SEO needs.

Local SEO Keywords

Keywords are a crucial aspect of getting any embryonic business off the ground and into the ring and landing punches (ie) getting people to dispense with their hard-earned cash. But the big mistake that people make is that sometimes they put too much store in targeting the higher ranked keywords. These higher ranked keywords will be ultra-competitive and when you’re taking on some of the SEO beasts in Ireland and throughout the world, the chances are you’ll be coming away with a bloody nose.


The resources that these established companies have at their disposal will mean that for the time being you would be well advised to stay away. But this certainly doesn’t mean that we wont be eyeing up some ambush in the future that will enable us to take away some of their SEO pie. It’s just that for the time being, when starting out, you should be using some good old hit and run guerilla tactics which will enable you to get a slice of that much-coveted SEO pie. So at the beginning in order for you to become the best SEO guru in your area, you will have to revise your tactics.

Lower ranked local SEO keywords

If you want to be one of the best local SEO Companies you should target some of the lower ranked keywords as these keywords are less competitive and they will allow you to gradually build your business up into something worthwhile.  Its a bit like a Boxer starting off out on his career and he fights a few easy fights at the beginning to allow him to gradually build up into a fighter of a more formidable nature.


The Best SEO practice is for companies to use the lower level keywords as this will allow you to slowly build momentum and more importantly capture the low hanging fruit. Of course, if you want to become the best local SEO Company in the future you’ll want to be climbing to the top of the tree and picking that delicious apple perched at the top of the tree and you certainly can do this but it will take time!! But for now, use lower ranked keywords and watch your business slowly grow into the best local SEO Company!!


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