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When implementing a top class digital marketing plan many companies overlook one key area. Copywriting.


Many companies create a custom made website that costs them thousands of euro but then neglect the key area of copywriting. The fact is, in the modern era, content is king if you’re not producing content that blows the opposition away like a tomahawk cruise missile your website traffic is going to badly suffer.


So how can you ensure that you hire a top class freelance copywriting agency?


When it comes hiring top copywriting companies there are many different options in which you can choose from and so hiring the best freelance copywriting agency can sometimes present many difficulties.

freelance copywriting agency


What exactly is copywriting?


Copwriting is the practice of writing text to prompt readers into taking certain actions that will prompt them into purchasing a product. Also, copywriting has other purposes such as writing ad copy, blog posts, and creating other content that will increase traffic and conversion rates.


Copywriting is also used in ads, headlines, landing pages, other pages to generate leads and revenue. Top copywriting companies will follow a certain structure so that they can create the most effective copy that they possibly can.



Top copywriting companies should create killer headlines


Top copywriting companies that don’t know how to create great headlines are setting themselves up for failure. Studies suggest that for every 1$ invested in marketing you’ve spent 90c in every dollar in your headline. If your headline doesn’t grab the readers attention you’re going to lose out!


One of the best ways you can ensure that your headlines reach the standards required is if you use the 4 U Technique.


So what exactly is the 4 U Technique?


The 4 U’s are: Useful, Urgent, Unique, and Ultra- specific. By using this technique you will attract more users to read your content. A key technique is knowing your audience- this will allow you to tailor make your content so that it hits their sweet spots.


For example, if you have a headline that promises to fill a knowledge gap, this will usually result in a good headline. Another key tactic a freelance copywriting agency should use is SEO optimise headlines. By SEO optimising headlines a freelance copywriting agency will help ensure that your content ranks higher on Googles search results.

freelance copywriting agency



A freelance copywriting agency should be skilled at researching

A freelance copywriting agency will need to get their microscope out to analyse their target market. By making a detailed analysis of their target market a freelance copywriting agency can ensure they create content that is far more effective.


One of the worst crimes that any freelance copywriting agency can commit is to create content without knowing their target market. By not knowing their target market a freelance copywriting agency is effectively going in blind and is stumbling around in the dark.  Know your target market and tailor make your content to suit them.

freelance copywriting agency



Copywriting for digital marketing that is not skilled at writing is doomed to failure


The best copywriting for digital marketing comes with superior writing skills. The fact is, copywriting for digital marketing that doesn’t entertain and inform readers is going to badly fail. From the very first moment a copywriter puts pen to paper they should be attempting to draw the reader into their net like a fisherman pulling a fish.


Elite copywriting for digital marketing will be aware that each word that inserted into a piece of content must have an impact and will increase the likelihood of prospects resulting in conversions.

A top freelance copywriting agency will use ego appeals


In Ireland and the world, it goes without saying that the ego is alive and well! Top freelance copywriting agencies should always try and link your product with something distinguished! For example, if there are a new set of Nike Runners and some Olympic champion is wearing the runners, your average numbskull will want to purchase these runners simply because they are “new and innovative” and also because they are associated with success.

freelance copywriting agency




By hiring the services of top digital copywriting companies you can inject your website or brand with a much needed boost. If you find that your website traffic is in the doldrums you should seriously consider the possibility a copywriting for digital marketing plan. These plans can help lift your profits and revenue to the next level.

freelance copywriting agency


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