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The best SEO website copywriting should attempt to sell products by invoking a feeling that your product is high in demand. Some companies may offer only a limited amount of a new product and then give these limited additions to certain stores. Because the offer is only for a limited number, people will want them. The best copywriting and SEO website copywriting will play upon this effect and use it to increase sales and traffic.


Another technique is to artificially inflate the demand for your product. For example, you could say that because you expect a particular product to be released you’re going to hire extra staff to work on the telephone lines. You could appeal to people to be patient that they will get their product when the time comes. Even though all of these claims are made up nonsense the best  SEO copywriting should know that they can be used to devastating effect.

direct mail copywriter website copywriting


An SEO copywriting expert should offer guarantees


In the modern era, people are far more sceptical then they have ever been. This is one reason why an SEO copywriting expert should offer a prospect some kind of guarantee that they’ll not be able to resist.


Some of the basic techniques that an SEO copywriting expert should sprinkle their content with should be a “basic money back guarantee.” This technique will help alleviate a lot of the concerns that people will have when comes to purchasing a product.


Another way to can give a guarantee with a twist is via offering a free trail offer. If someone is not satisfied with a product it can be returned at any time.

direct mail copywriter website copywriting


 Great direct mail copywriters sometimes make the guarantee the main focus of their offer


Sometimes a direct mail copywriter can increase the effectiveness of an ad by including the guarantee as one of the feature items. The fact is with a little ingenuity you can include a guarantee in your ad.


For example, if you have a restaurant you could guarantee that you’ll serve your diners within 15 minutes or money back guarantee.



Or maybe if your direct mail copywriter is selling a watch you could offer a money back guarantee if people aren’t satisfied with the particular watch. When it comes to offering money back guarantees the list is endless, all a direct mail copywriter has to do is engage his brain and come up with a guarantee that will lure prospects in their net!

direct mail copywriter website copywriting


An SEO copywriting expert should tell stories

The best SEO copywriting expert will know how to weave a story together that will pull you right into its narrative.


The fact is, story telling is very powerful and if you can write a compelling story you will stand a far greater chance of getting your prospects to  engage with your content.



From when we where knee high we where always told “sit down and let me tell you a story.” The fact is, our brains are programmed to become captivated and intrigued with stories and when it comes to being an SEO copywriting expert, telling stories will help with engagement and conversion rates.


Keywords are vital for SEO website copywriting


It goes without saying that SEO website copywriting should be crafted with certain keywords in mind. The fact is, if you’re creating SEO website copywriting and you don’t have a plan when it comes to effective use of keywords you’re going to be setting yourself up for failure.


So what sort of keywords should your SEO website copywriting plan target? A big mistake that lots of people make is they try and target keywords that are high volume and highly competitive. These keywords, unless you have a bankroll of a few hundred thousand dollars are going to be very difficult to capitalise on because of their competitiveness.


A far better strategy is to target lower ranked keywords with less competition because these keywords are easier to rank for.

direct mail copywriter website copywriting

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