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If you haven’t heard of it already, the 80/20 rule is a business phrase that essentially means: “80% of your results, will be achieved by 20% of your actions.” It is also referred to as the pareto principle, but personally I think 80/20 is more catchy.


Anyone who has a successful business will know this, and if you are one of the individuals still on the grind to business success (like myself), then you will know that knowing where to spend your time and money IS the most important decision for your business’s life.


This rule allows you to be a successful in business whilst keeping your sanity / social life at the same time, as I think we are all guilty of the late night seo grind for the extra link / .2 second faster site or improved tone of red in our proposals! And although I’m not saying those things aren’t important. They aren’t the difference makers to a start up business.


Spend 20% of your time doing the things that result in 80% of your results!

SEO Tips For 2022? The 80 / 20 rule in action

80 20 rule in SEO

I’m a bit of a marketing/business book nerd. I feel I know what works and what is a waste of time. Let’s go over a few concepts everyone in the seo industry should know:


1.) There are 2 types of currency TIME and MONEY – You have to input one to get the other.

2.) Your most valuable asset is your PRODUCTIVE TIME (Work smart, not hard!)

3.) 80% of your outcomes (whether this be rankings/sales/clients/happiness) will come from 20% of your efforts/time/inputs.


It’s also important to note the 80 / 20 principle can be applied to life; health, fitness, business, sales, marketing, happiness, hobbies, anything! Find the 20% that works and do it again, and again and again!


Now that I’ve got my “I read business books” quotes out of the way we can get started on the important stuff.

How can I improve my SEO? Productive time and SEO

The reason I’m writing this entire post is because I’ve recently been tracking my own “work time” and discovered some interesting things based on the 80 / 20 principle.


I discovered, the 80/20 principle is 100% TRUE, maybe even more drastic 90/10, 99/1 in some cases.


I also assume that a lot of digital marketers are suffering from the same problem too – Spending to much time on the things that dont work and not enough time on the 20% that will make you the real money! To give you an example, lets look at something that most SEOs already know: ON-PAGE.

What is the best SEO strategy for 2022?

80% of on-page seo is summed up by the following: Titles, URLs, H1 tags and images…Everything else is extra; SURE site speed, code, SSL, videos and even text are semi-important, but they make up the 20%!


So don’t spend 5 hours on your site speed if you have only spent 10 minutes on your titles!


Also, kill the dead time in your business. I know I’ve done all the below things this week. How many of you are guilty of the following: 


  1. Checking domain metrics you are never going to buy.
  2. Continuing through FB/Twitter, long after you checked/found what you were looking for.
  3. Checking your rankings more than once a day.
  4. Responding to emails you know are going no where.
  5. Watching videos / Webinars of things you already know / trying to sell you something


Why do I think we do these things? Well: Information overload and human nature if you ask me. If you’re like me, you watch videos, read articles and do things that you eventually believe will benefit your business. AKA Research! But mostly, it doesn’t…I’d say over 95% of the time I spend “researching” has no direct effect to my bottom line.

How can I improve my SEO? Spend more time doing what works!

Don’t hate the person who works 5 hour weeks and makes 10 million a year… They use their time wisely, learn and copy!


There is an incomprehensible amount of information available online now, especially with the content marketing revolution (which by the way is a posh way of saying PR) but all this means is we are spending more time “learning things that we already know.” (go back to the on-page point!)

Time – Work Smart not hard!

One statement I hate more than possibly any other in the universe is “Oh I don’t have TIME“. This is a posh way of saying “I do not think my time is best spent doing this action” or a nice way of saying “I do not want to do that.” Which is fine if your looking to preserve someone’s feelings, but in the dog eat dog business world F*ck feelings. Check out these reasons why you’re currently not successful, what’s the top one? Procrastination! Change these and you will be successful.

Actionable SEO tips? Simplify your business

If you only remember 1 thing from this entire article let it be this:

Spend more time doing the 20% of tasks that generate you the 80% of results!

That’s it.


Personal example of the 80 / 20 (more like 99/1) rule in action:  I wrote an article slating Mark Wright (the apprentice geezer) back in December. This article took me around 20 minutes to write and ranked top 3 for “climb online” until his lawyers got involved. All in all, writing, re-writing and promotions took me around 4 hours. This article resulted to 3 new clients, all of whom are still with me with a total of about £3,500 and growing…. £875 an hour is not a bad rate.

Overall thoughts on SEO tips

If you make £500 a month currently, switch your thinking to doing more of EXACTLY what made you that £500 in the first place, lose and forget what didn’t work and scale the things that did and you can be at £100,000 by year’s end. And I know that sounds like an Alex Becker video, but its true, the first dollar (or million) is the hardest, once you master that: —- Money BREEDS money. —


Thanks for reading, likes, shares, tweets all that good stuff would be appreciated.

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