SEO Content Writing means that you should be able to write SEO related material that comes from a variety of different sources. In this article I have included content writing about a politician who has recently passed away.  Just because your SEO writing isn’t all about SEO this doesn’t make it a bad thing. Sometimes your content writing should veer of course and include topics that come from different sources. 


The medias fawning over the recently deceased Peter Sutherland is indicative of how far they have become out of touch with the common person on the street. Whilst everyone deserves respect when they pass away it still doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be subject the same scrutiny that was bestowed upon other famous figures.

Sutherland was on record for stating that the EU should “do its best to undermine national homogenity” a statement that effectively calls for the destruction of the nation state, including the Irish state. How can one reconcile “the proud Irishman” media narrative when Sutherland called for the destruction of the very thing that he was supposedly proud of?  

Mr Sutherland also was avid supporter of Angela Merkels decision to unilaterally tear up the Dublin Agreement and invite millions of people from the middle east and Africa to the EU -a decision whose full ramifications we have yet to witness.

Additionally, Sutherland was a supporter of the irish people having to bail out the banks and bail out Goldman Sachs bondholders a bank that Sutherland himself was CEO of.  Another decision that we and our grandchildren will have to pay dearly for.

I find it remarkable how unelected technocrats like Mr Sutherland get catapulted by media into somehow being voice of the people. In the era of so called fake news perhaps we should look closer to home for some of our own well embellished establishment propaganda.

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