Read Seamus’s latest article published in the Irish Independent

  The owner of Contentwriterireland, Seamus Hanratty, recently got an article and poem published in Irelands most read newspaper the Irish Independent.   “As the coronavirus slowly began to tighten its grip on my hometown of Carrickmacross in Co Monaghan, I sought solace amongst the ancient mountains that populate the border region.   And even with the tighter new restrictions, […]

Ecommerce copywriter and landing page copywriting tips

Having an expert ecommerce writer at your disposal is the digital equivalent of a shop assistant, customer service representative, and brand ambassador all rolled up into one.  If you don’t hire an ecommerce writer to work for your company you are setting your website and your brand up for failure.   From creating engaging product descriptions, landing page info, to […]

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Traditionally, A financial Copywriter  wouldn’t be associated with producing content that is overflowing with  entertainment and excitement.  When we think of a financial copywriter we tend  to think of content that is boring and bland content that has the propensity to put people to sleep, but the fact is, if a financial copywriter produces content that hasn’t got the ability […]

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A product description writer should be able to create content that will tantalize and provoke users into clicking on that all important buy button. The fact is, a well written product description has the power to move customers through your sales funnel.  A product description writer has the power to inject creativity into brand and increase your overall conversion rates. […]

Newsletter Writing Service | Email Marketing Services |Email Writing Service | Newsletter Writing Services|

  One of the cornerstones of any effective digital marketing plan is the proper implementation of email marketing. The best way you can ensure that you’re  implementing a proper strategy is if you hire an email writing service.   An email writing service or a newsletter writing service will ensure that you website generates leads, nurtures assets,  and ultimately leads […]