Read Seamus’s latest article published in the Irish Independent

  The owner of Contentwriterireland, Seamus Hanratty, recently got an article and poem published in Irelands most read newspaper the Irish Independent.   “As the coronavirus slowly began to tighten its grip on my hometown of Carrickmacross in Co Monaghan, I sought solace amongst the ancient mountains that populate the border region.   And even with the tighter new restrictions, […]

How Often Should Businesses Blogs? 2021 Blogging Tips?

Last week I talked about blogging and the importance of regularly updating your blog content, but how often counts as “regularly” and can you blog too often?   As a minimum you should really be posting new content once a week and if you really think you’ve got enough to say you can post every day.   However, there are […]

Top 5 Reasons You Should Blog in 2021?

Although content marketers might argue about how frequently you should post on your blog there’s no disagreement that you should post regularly. If you feel like you have enough high quality content to post daily, go for it.   However, the majority of us, and I include myself in this, would be better posting 2-3 times per week. The absolute […]

What exactly is a Copywriter in 2021?

You’d be amazed how many people don’t know what a copywriter does, but our work is all around you. I even had one person email me asking for advice on how to make sure his new R&B album was covered by copyright!   Now, as much as I like R&B it hasn’t actually got anything to do with my job. […]

9 Reasons Your Business Needs a Professional Copywriter

  Consistently writing and publishing great content for your website – whether that’s onsite blogs, guest posts or improving landing page copy – is absolutely crucial to your success online.   But, why is that?   Well, let us throw these stats at you from Databox and Demand Metric:   47% of buyers view at least 3-5 pieces of content before contacting a […]

Top 7 Marketing Tips for 2021? How to grow your business?

Marketing doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Most companies I have worked for as a professional Marketing person, didn’t have a massive budget to invest. I’ve therefore learnt how to market things on a shoestring..   Considering most Holistic Practitioners don’t have a big budget either, I thought I’ll show you simple and free ways to let people know about […]

Why You Need A Top Website Designer in 2021?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again…A Website is a must in your business. If you don’t have one get one…like right now!   What’s the first thing you do, when you learn about someone’s business you’re interested in? Check out their website. In case you don’t do that, start doing it, as it will tell you […]

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips for 2021

  Do you feel the pressure of being on every social media platform there is to promote your business? Completely overwhelmed trying to manage everything and seemingly not getting anywhere? It’s probably the question I get asked the most from other holistic practitioners. What should I do to promote my business on social media? It’s a vast question, but I […]

The evolution of SEO companies and can they increase profits?

  When websites where first uploaded, the concept of Search Engine Optimisation barely existed. It was important to see if you could get your URL listed by Open Directory and the Yahoo directory, and this was done by doing an oh-so-humble submission together with a brief description of your website’s contents (any attempt at marketing would mean immediate denial of […]