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Great email copywriting will make the difference between you opening a suitcase full of solid gold and opening a suitcase full of dirty stinking socks.


How can you avoid the socks?


When it comes to email copywriting, DIY emails are the laundry basket of email marketing.   These types of emails are weak and ineffective.  They will lose your time and money.  Don’t do DIY email marketing.  DIY email marketing is like hiring a four year old to paint and decorate the interior of your house.  It always ends in disaster.

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There is one solution.


Hire a professional email writer.  If you hire the correct email copywriter,  it’s like striking a motherlode of gold.  These types of writers will be skilled in crafting content that will vastly increase sales and conversions.


A professional email writer will have the skills that make your email campaigns stand out from the pack. In the modern era, you don’t want to be a part of the herd because otherwise, you’re going to run straight off the edge of a cliff. A professional email writer can help you avoid this outcome.  Don’t be a sheep. Don’t be the lemming jumping off the cliff just because everyone else is doing it. Sit back and let them jump.

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So what type of professional email writer should you hire?

You should always be seeking to hire someone who is skilled in knowing where the rich veins of gold are hidden under the ground.  You don’t want to hire someone who searches for gold in a sewage tank.  You don’t want this odious stink of failure flowing into your nostrils.


A professional email writer will avoid this problem through research. These writers will highly skilled at researching.   Researching will allow them to discover your target market’s strengths and weaknesses and how best they can craft emails to ensure that are potent and powerful.  A great general once said, “time on reconnaissance is rarely wasted.”  Know your target market and you will know how to get them to open their wallets.


So how can you avoid this?

professional email writer


You should think about outsourcing your email marketing to an email marketing writing service.

Great email copywriting can increase your conversions 10x.  A top email marketing content writer will know that every sentence will need to pack a punch. A top email marketing content writer is skilled in weaving words together like a magic druid.  They will be the Lionel Messi of copywriting.  Their dribbling skills will make your jaw drop to the floor in astonishment.

Why do some companies fail to hire a professional email writer?

So why do so many companies decide to create all of their emails themselves, when in reality they haven’t a clue how to create an email? One of the primary reasons is because they are deluded.  Just because you know the alphabet by heart this does not make you James Joyce.  Just because you can spell Cat this does not make you WB Yeats.  You wouldn’t hire some Lego hobbyist or Minecraft hobbyist to build your house, would you? No. Of course not. This is why you should draft in the professional, that is unless you want your house crumbling towards the ground.

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The final reason why you need to hire a professional email content writer

A professional email writer or a professional email content writer will have the potential to take your business to the next level.  No longer will you have to produce emails in the dark that may or may not work, once you have a professional email writer in your team you can rest easy knowing that your emails will be injected with added potency.  No longer will your email marketing strategy be scattergun like but it will be targeted to ensure that that the words crafted will hone in on your prey like a sniper honing in on his prey. Boom.

The fact is if you don’t have a professional email writer in your team you’re setting your business up for failure.

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