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Some people call me the Jesus Christ of the copywriting industry and I’m inclined to agree.




Because I make websites resurrect from the dead and rank on Google.




I infuse copy with the life-giving blood of SEO, superior writing, and market analysis to ensure that my copy is tailor-made to make an impact.


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copywriting new yorkIn this blog post, I’m going to touch on everything you need to consider when deciding to hire a copywriter and why you should hire a copywriting agency.


Best copywriting agency

A copywriting agency in New York can help you avoid many of the pitfalls associated with DIY copywriting. And one of the major pitfalls is the use of academic words that you used at College.


Another major pitfall is people believing that because they can spell Cat this will make them a copywriter.


It doesn’t. All this means is they can spell Cat.


With copywriting, hire a professional copywriter in New York to craft your content for you.

copywriting services new york


The fact is, DIY copywriting is a bit like DIY electrical work. You are going to make a mess of it. You’re going to electrocute yourself.


In this blog post, I touch on some of the many reasons it’s going to be absolutely vital that you hire a copywriting agency in New York.


First, let’s look at some basics.

copywriting services new york

What is a copywriting agency?

A copywriting agency can offer a range of different services from speedy website rewrites to lengthy ghostwritten eBooks.


Here are just a few of the copywriting services I provide:


  • Blog content
  • Editing services
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Proofreading
  • eBooks


The fact is, If you’re setting up a brand new website, you’ll need copy that speaks to your target market, pushes their hot buttons and turns visitors into customers.


If you want people to find your website, it’s absolutely essential that you hire a professional SEO copywriter. At contentwriterireland, we write powerful, persuasive and reader-friendly copy that’s fully optimised for all the major search engines.

How much do agencies charge for copywriting?

Costs can vary.


Mostly, the amount you will charge will depend on the skill level of the copywriter.


A junior copywriter will usually cost anywhere between $50 and $70. A middle copywriter with over 3 years’ experience will charge around $80-$120.  Whilst elite level copywriters can charge up to $120 per hour.


Instead of charging per hour, many copywriting agencies charge per project rather than charge per hour. This fixed rated cost will ensure that you’ll know how much you’re going to be paying at the end of the project rather than having to keep an eagle eye on how many hours, etc your copywriting is working.


Now, let’s look at some of the key tactics that a copywriting agency should use.

copywriting new york


SEO will be vital for a New York Copywriter

copywriter new york


If you don’t know how to rank on Google, you’re going nowhere. You might as well not even have a website. A mistake lots of new businesses make is they think that as soon as they create a website that the traffic will flow in like the Nile river. It won’t.


A top copywriter in New York will be skilled in ensuring that you rank for whatever terms you’re seeking to rank for. For example, in this blog post I’m attempting to rank for several keywords such as copywriter New York, copywriter NYC, copywriting agency New York, and freelance copywriter NYC.


I’m living in Ireland, but I’m still ranking for these terms? In fact, I’m currently based in a little cabin mud hut, with a thatched roof that leaks water, and I use a coat hanger to locate a Wifi connection, but I’m still outranking the top New York copywriting companies.


How am I doing it? Is it because of the luck of the Irish? Maybe a leprechaun has guided me towards a pot of gold at the bottom of a rainbow?


None of these reasons!


I’m doing it because I’m the best in the business. I know what I’m at. I’m not some copywriter who simply creates content and has no strategic plan in terms of how they’re going to increase traffic and put money in the bank.

If my only method of communication was smoke signals, I’d still outrank these other New York copywriting dunces.


copywriting new york


The best copywriting agency will produce finely crafted content


A top New York copywriter should be able to craft a piece of content that will stand out from the masses. The fact is, in the modern era, if your content doesn’t stand out it’s dead in the water before it was even born. Stillborn.


If you google a term like “copywriter NYC” and it takes you to a “copywriter NYC” you’d want to be damn sure that this copywriter can craft content with an artist’s touch.  You’d want to hire the services of a New York copywriter who is skilled in captivating audiences.

Hire a boutique copywriting agency

What you don’t want is hiring a copywriter that is the equivalent of a five-year-old smearing paint on a piece of paper.


Because the fact is, there are many copywriters who are charlatans. They literally haven’t got the first clue about copywriting. These kinds of people learned the alphabet and now they think they are f#*king James Joyce or Oscar Wilde. They aren’t. They are the copywriting equivalent of snake oil salesmen.



I reiterate the best NY copywriters will know how to cast a spell that will lure readers into reading their piece of content. They will know how to change voice depending on what audience they’re targeting. One minute a NY copywriter will create content in a distinguished tone and the next minute they’ll be creating content straight from the hood. Everything will depend on knowing your audience.

copywriter NYC



A copywriting agency in New York will know vital research skills are

copywriting agency new york


Crafting copy without doing your research is like an army going into battle with no intelligence on the enemy. The copywriter’s chance of success will be decimated. The fact is, if you want your copywriting to be effective you’re going to have to know what makes your target audience tick.



Some of the key areas that a copywriting agency New York should focus on will include: Knowing your audiences pain points, understanding the products you’re attempting to sell, what angles you can push to differentiate one product from the next, what tone of voice your audience expects to be addressed in, etc, etc.


Best copywriting agency

For example, if you’ve hired a copywriting agency in New York to craft copy that sells T-shirts, there is going to be an avalanche of information that you’re going to need before you even put pen to paper. You’re going to need information on the age demographic, the sex, where they live, what distinguishes your t-shirt from the masses of other t-shirts that populate the marketplace.



An elite level copywriting agency in New York should not be good at researching they should be superlative.


Freelance copywriter NYC will understand psychology

freelance NY copywriter


A top freelance copywriter in NYC will not only be skilled in crafting content they should also be skilled in the dark arts of psychology. Content that is not infused with psychology is bound to fail. The fact is, we base everything we do in life upon some basic psychological principles and if you aren’t inserting these principles into your copywriting, you’re missing a massive trick.



A freelance copywriter in NYC should well know this and should tailor-make their content around these principles.



Fortifying your content with some basic psychological principles will increase your conversion rates and traffic. There will be more money in the bank and you will increase the long-term impact of your business.

freelance copywriter NYC


The ultimate reason you need to hire a New York copywriting agency


If you want to take your business or brand to the next level you should think about hiring a New York copywriting company.



From a mud shack in Ireland, I’ve already demonstrated why my copywriting services are superior by ranking for the terms like copywriter New York, copywriter NYC, copywriting agency New York, and freelance copywriter NYC, and loads more.


OK, I’m exaggerating, we’re not that backward in Ireland.


But the point still stands. I’m ranking ahead of the opposition and this is a powerful indication that my copywriting packs a powerful punch,


Copywriting agency near me

At contentwriterireland we are a boutique copywriting agency with a team of copywriters in our stable ready to tailor-make copywriting solutions no matter where you are.


Why not contact us here at contentwriterireland and let us give you a FREE quote on our world-renowned copywriting services? Also, please check out our essay writing company partners. And if you’ve a chance check out Dimepiece LA.


Also, check out our other blogs on ad copywriting agencies, copywriting agency, SEO copywriting services, best copywriting services.

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