How to Increase Google Rankings in 2018

Numerous investigations have been done, and a ton has just been composed, about how to enhance your odds of getting high Google rankings for your site in 2018. These investigations have hurled some exceptionally fascinating ends. A standout amongst the most astounding perceptions to leave the investigations is that social signs will assume an undeniably vital job in Google’s positioning […]

How SEO can be used to show the Hypocrisy Of The Media

SEO Content Writing means that you should be able to write SEO related material that comes from a variety of different sources. In this article I have included content writing about a politician who has recently passed away.  Just because your SEO writing isn’t all about SEO this doesn’t make it a bad thing. Sometimes your content writing should veer […]

The Secret to becoming the top Content Copywriter?

If you want to become the top content copywriter around this dream will not happen overnight. In order to be the top content copywriter, you’ll need to overcome all the obstacles that are thrown into your path.   What I mean by this is that you should be able to sustain the slings and arrows that life will throw at you. The […]

How a Web Content Writer can write about Donald Trump

Ok, so you’re a web content writer and you want to write an article about Donald Trump but you dont want your website to plummet to the bottom of Google Rankings because you’re taking on such a controversial topic.  Fear not, because being a web content writer doesnt mean that you have to join the herd and write on the […]

Will an SEO Content Writer need to write in many voices?

Many SEO content writers in Ireland are very reluctant to touch topics that may be controversial, but I believe that this strategy is a mistake. A top SEO Content writer will need to be be able to demonstrate his ability to write from the voice of multiple brands.  An SEO content writer should have the ability to weave words like the way […]

Do Content Copywriters need to be controversial?

Sometimes a  content copywriter will need to be controversial and stick their head above the parapet. And sometimes when said content copywriter sticks their head above the parapet it will be beaten back down with such force that it will make Marie Antoinette’s decapitated head on the guillotine look like a facial massage. In the age of the snowflake and the safe space, anyone who […]


Just because you’re a freelance content writer this doesn’t mean that you have to abide by all of the rules and write boring mundane articles day after day. Being a content writer means that you have the ability to explore and test new things out for yourself. SEO isn’t an exact science and in order for you to find what is […]