Many SEO content writers in Ireland are very reluctant to touch topics that may be controversial, but I believe that this strategy is a mistake. A top SEO Content writer will need to be be able to demonstrate his ability to write from the voice of multiple brands.  An SEO content writer should have the ability to weave words like the way an artist weaves the strokes of a brush. One mistake copywriters make is that they constantly harp on and on about the same thing over and over  but this is a huge mistake as this will result in your boring your readers to death. SEO content writing doesnt mean that you have to write about SEO sometimes you can create content that has a slight edge to it. The reason why such tactics are su The ccesful is because writing controvesial stuff gets people to visit your website and when people start to visit your website this  is when you get paid. Boring content will drive people away in their droves and at the end of the day if someone wanted boring they would look at some garbage show on TV.  A copywriter should have the ability to entertain and to be controvesial at the same time- this is the gold standard for top SEO Content Writing. The article below is a short article I wrote in relation to Irelands ridiculous laws when it comes to failed asylum seekers.

Swift deportations are the only way to solve the issue of Direct Provision. It is utterly scandalous that people in direct provision can appeal decisions made by the courts on a seemingly endless basis. The result is that people who are refused asylum multiple times are still in Ireland many years later.  

 The current system of endless appeals is unjust not only on the asylum seekers concerned but also extremely unjust on the hard pressed Irish taxpayer. The only winners in all of this are the lawyers and barristers who must be rubbing their hands with glee at this asylum cash cow.

 The solution to this problem is to give asylum seekers a fair hearing in Court, and if they lose give the applicant leave to appeal, and if this appeal fails the people concerned must be deported in a rapid manner. I believe that such a system would be fair, reasonable, and humane for all concerned. People languishing in these places does a disservice to all sides most of all the asylum seeker and the taxpayer. 

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