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Your bank account is empty.




You decide to sell a pet Giraffe to the Zoo.


You make brochures and print materials to help aid you in selling the Giraffe to said Zoo.


The Zoo is so impressed by the print materials they decide “I must have this Giraffe!”


This is what sales collateral is.  Sales collateral includes any type of printed or electronic content that supports the sales process.   Of course, this example is exaggerated because who the hell is going to have a spare Giraffe running around in their backyard? No one.  But the interesting and quirky start to this article kept you reading, didn’t it?  Sales collateral will need people to engage with their content otherwise the content is going nowhere.


The primary purpose of sales collateral or marketing collateral is to give prospective buyers information that will encourage them to make a purchase.


In this blog post, I will touch on some of the key points that you’ll need to take into consideration when crafting effective sales collateral.

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Sales collateral needs to be Informative

No matter what your sales collateral is trying to sell the message must be conveyed in a manner that the prospective buyer can understand and appreciate. You should craft content that speaks in the language of your target audience.


For example, if you’re crafting content for an audience that includes weed smokers, this will greatly vary from if you were crafting content for engineers or mechanics.  The best sales collateral will need to make a clear statement in respect of the benefits and features of the product.


Images will also be a huge factor in sales collateral. If your images don’t enhance your overall message you’re going to be setting yourself up for failure.

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There is a slight difference between sales collateral and marketing collateral

There is a slight difference between marketing collateral and sales collateral. For example, marketing collateral is used at the top of the funnel during the buyer’s journey.  Marketing collateral is principally used when prospects are attempting to gather as much information as possible in relation to their problem.


Conversely,  sales collaterals are used in the middle stages of the traffic funnel.  Some of the principal areas include the consideration stage, shortlisting, and then at the final decision stage of the buyer’s journey.

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A top sales collateral writer will understand psychology

A top sales collateral writer will understand some basic principles of psychology.  They will know how human behavior can be manipulated and crafted so that the desired action is achieved.  Some basic principles such as the scarcity principle, the sense of urgency principle, the exclusivity principle, will all have a significant impact on whether their sales collateral writing is a success or not.  The best sales collateral writers will incorporate these strategies into their writing so that it is more effective.

The conclusion on why you need to hire a sales collateral writer

Hiring a sales collateral writer could increase your chances of securing leads and conversions. A top sales collateral writer will come equipped with a variety of different skill sets that will propel your marketing to the next level.

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