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When you work in the legal industry, finding enough time to implement a clear and effective marketing strategy can be very challenging. However, there are several very effective marketing techniques you can employ to increase your online profile.


One strategy you can be employ is to hire a legal digital marketing agency to complete all the marketing for you.


In this blog post, I will show you the top reasons you should hire a legal digital marketing agency and also some key legal digital marketing tips.

law firm digital marketing ireland

Hire a legal digital marketing agency to increase your online profile

In the modern world, traditional media is virtually dead- this is one reason why its absolutely vital for a law firm to hire a legal digital marketing agency.


Law firm marketing will allow your firm to secure access to both traditional media and digital platforms. This will allow you to hit your target audience and increase your brand awareness. One of the most basic strategies that a digital law firm agency can employ is to share legal news stories, significant milestones and any other legal related information.


Over 96% of people who are seeking legal advice will begin their legal research online. Studies suggest this figure will grow and grow and if your law firm is not tapping into the online market, you are setting yourself up for failure.


For any law firm it’s going to be absolutely vital that they are employing an effective SEO strategy that allows them to come up at the top of the (SERP’s) search engine ranking position. An intelligent SEO strategy will source the keywords that are most relevant to your business.

law firm digital marketing ireland


In Law firm marketing, a top website is key

A key way for laws firms to enhance their digital presence is via constructing a formidable website. The fact is, if your website is not top of the line your law firm is going to lose out. Your website will serve as the foundation of your internet marketing efforts. On your website you should post high quality information in relation to your business and what makes you stand out from your competitors.



Another handy way you can leverage your business is by offering free information online that will answer common legal questions. This will help position your law firm as an expert within its field and will increase the chances of people finding your website and booking your services.

law firm digital marketing ireland


SEO is a vital strategy for law firm digital marketing

Law firm digital marketing should use SEO to increase traffic. One of the key ways for law firm digital marketing to accomplish enhanced SEO power is by targeting local keywords. By targeting local keywords you will increase the chances of users coming across your website. So what are local keyword?


For example, if you’re a solicitor based in Dublin, you should target a keyword like “Dublin 4 solicitor”. Basically, local keywords mean the narrowing down of searcher intent.


There are tonnes of other tactics that a law firm can use to boost their SEO. For example, a law firm digital marketing agency should pack their H1 and H2 headings with relevant keywords.

law firm digital marketing ireland


A legal digital marketing agency should be skilled at Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is about getting customers direct to your website via the content on your website. The fact is, in the modern era if someone is looking for information online the first port of call will be someone’s website. Where once people used the Yellow Pages, now they use the internet to find their nearest solicitor or some information in relation to law.


A key way for a law firm to capitalise on this trend is to make sure that your firm appears on the top of Google rankings. When someone searches for something legal related you’ll want your website to be setting right at the top of the Google rankings. If you’re not sitting on the first page of Google, your website is going nowhere.

A legal digital marketing agency should focus on increase the CTR(Click through rate)

Another key way a law firm can drive traffic is through a CTR (click through rate) which basically means how many people click onto your website. If more people click your website Google Algorithms will increase the ranking.


So how can you increase your CTR? One way you can increase your CTR is via social media. If you put quality content on social media, this will drive traffic to your website.


But the key thing is for the content to be quality because if it’s not and people read the content and leave after a few seconds this will have a negative effect on your Google rankings. We call this the bounce rate and if a huge proportion of people are bouncing (leaving your website straight away) this suggests to Google that people aren’t finding what they’re looking for. Google will rank your website negatively.


Copywriting is a great tactic in law firm digital marketing

Copywriting is a key way for law firms to enhance their digital marketing presence. A mistake that many law firms make is they craft content on their website landing pages that are full of legalese and words that aren’t effective in a digital marketing setting.


The fact is, in law firm marketing, what is inserted into your homepage must be different to your standard form of legal writing. Most people don’t know legalese and if your law website is full of obscure words that people don’t understand this will cause readers to take flight.


There is a science behind crafting copy for a website and the best way you can achieve this goal is via hiring the services of a copywriting agency.

law firm digital marketing ireland


Final conclusion on law firm digital marketing tips

A legal digital marketing agency can help take your legal practice to the next level. Once you incorporate some solid legal marketing principles, the sky is literally the limit. A legal digital marketing agency can help you implement some solid digital marketing principles and ultimately increase your profits.

law firm digital marketing ireland

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