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In many respects, hiring writers can be a bit like looking into a pile of elephant dung in the ground as you try and discover where that an elusive gemstone is located.  Before you stands a mountain of steaming stinking dung and inside that dung somewhere lies a priceless gemstone.  But how can you wade through all of this filth and get the knowledge that you need? How do you even start?


There are a number of things that you can do that will make your life easier.


Hire writers who know targets

hiring writers

First of all, when you hire writers  you will need to know what kind of writer you are looking to hire.  This goes without saying, but there are many different types of writers such as technical writers, creative writers, financial writers, etc, etc.  You will need to hire the writers that are the perfect fit for you.

Of course, when you hire writers some writers are literally like a chameleon in the Jungle and can write about any topic but sometimes you need to be careful about hiring these writers for more in-depth technical typewriting because even though they might seem like they know what they’re talking about they literally might not have a clue.


For example, during the Corona Virus pandemic we had every Tom, Dick, and Harry under the sun suddenly becoming an expert  in pandemics and data science.  These people might have writing passionately about  the virus but at the end of the day they hadn’t a clue what they were talking about. Just because someone is creating content that is well crafted and articulate this does not mean that they know what they are writing about.


So, if you’re looking to hire writers but the content is going to be about medical science or engineering or something really technical like that you would be best of hiring the writers who have expertise within that industry.  Just because someone has read a 5 minute article on Pandemics that does not mean that they suddenly have become an epidemiologist, all that means is that they have read a 5 minute article and may be deluded into thinking that they are as qualified to discuss the topic as someone who has spent 10 years studying it inside and out!


 Hire writers who know how to create hooks

hiring writers

Does your creative writer know how to create a hook? See, in this blog, I have compared finding a good writer to searching in a piece of  Elephant dung for a gemstone. Who writes like that? Nobody. It sounds ridiculous but I’ve created a hook.  Now, I’m not saying that you try and write something ridiculous in order to create this hook but what I am saying is that whatever you write you should try and make it interesting!  You should try and hire writers who can add a little flavour and spice to whatever content they’re creating.


Now, imagine for a second if I wrote some bog standard piece like, “If you want to hire writers you need to hire writers who have good grammar.  Writers need to know good grammar and grammar is very important, blah, blah, blah.”  You’d be instantly turned off. You’d be thinking I don’t have time to be reading this junk. There’s way more interesting stuff to be at today then to read some borefest of an article about grammar.

The fact is, nearly everyone hates grammar apart from some of the grammar Nazis think that great writing equals perfect grammar and nothing else.  I’m not saying that you shouldn’t aspire to have perfect grammar when you’re creating your article, but what I am saying is that creating interesting, engaging, and captivating content is far more important than losing your hair over a misplaced comma.


Your writers should know how to engage

hiring writers

One of the ranking factors that Google takes into the equation when they rank your website is engagement.  If people engage with your article then Google will see this and will rank your website accordingly.


This is why when you hire writers you should try and hire the best writers because the best writers will know to reel you like a fisherman reeling in a large salmon on the bank.  At the end of the day, you the reader, perhaps unknown to yourself, are the fish because as soon as you have come and read my article it’s a conversion for me.


When you hire writers you’ll need to hire the ones that can bedazzle an audience because this is what will lead to a high ROI( return on investment) for you.  Your first job as a content writer is to captivate your reader, take them on a journey, tell them something that surprises or shocks them. What this will do is that it will entice them to read the rest of the blog or article that you have written. Nobody likes boring.  If you want boring be boring play bingo  or go and collect a few stamps.


The writers you hire should be skilled in keywords

hiring writers

When you hire writers the vast majority of these writers will have some basic knowledge about keywords and SEO but having some basic knowledge is not good enough. When you hire writers to craft a piece that you want to rank in Google these writers should know the difference between high ranking keywords and low ranking keywords.


I know you’re thinking sure that that’s simple enough anyone will know that information between a low ranked keyword and a high ranked keyword but knowing the difference between the two is not going to be enough.


For example, if the website you’re trying to rank for a high value keyword is coming up against another website which has a budget of millions of dollars do you really think that you can compete for this high ranked keyword? The answer is, its going to be very unlikely.


Just because it’s a lower ranked keyword this does not mean that there is no value in ranking for this keyword, on the contrary, ranking for lower ranked keywords or as they are sometimes referred to “long tail keywords”  can  offer you a tonne of value.  If your website has a small budget and you target all of these lower ranked keywords this  can catch you a tonne of fish.  It’s a bit like a fishing trawler who instead of trawling for some massive `1,000 pound Tuna instead trys to catch a tonne of the small fry like Mackeral, etc. This strategy can result in a huge increase in your profits, as naturally enough, all of these small fry when added up combine to make a nice tidy profit.



When you hire writers you’ll need to be wary because getting the perfect writer for you can sometimes be an elusive task.  Making a mistake when you hire writers can be a costly error that you will end up paying dearly for.  You will need a writer who has the talent to draw his readership into the story and also the talent to remain informative and educational.

Furthermore, you’ll need a content writer who will have a good grasp of the fundamentals of SEO and marketing. You’ll need to hire a writer who can strategize and will be able to figure out how to get your website right to the top of the Google rankings.

At contentwriterireland no matter what the job at hand we will have the perfect writer for you.  Why not take the pain out of hiring content writers and contact us now.

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