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 Not having a copywriter on your team is like a man trying to conceive with a woman through sexual intercourse when he has his two balls cut off! It’s not going to work! If you want your business to succeed, if you want to put the ball into the net, you’re going to need a copywriter!


So what exactly is a copywriter?


You’d be amazed how many people don’t know what a copywriter does, but our work is all around you. I even had one person email me asking for advice on how to make sure his new R&B album was covered by copyright!


Now, as much as I like R&B it hasn’t actually got anything to do with my job. Really, it’s all in the spelling – “copywriting” is what I do, “copyright” is not something I can help you with.


So, what do I do then?


What is a copywriter?



The Oxford English Dictionary describes a copywriter as: “A person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material.”


However, any copywriter will tell you that that isn’t all they do. Copywriters do write, about everything from apple juice or zebra breeding, but it isn’t all for advertisement or PR purposes.


We’re all multi-skilled, especially in the digital age, and many of us offer other services to make up a full package such as proofreading and social media management.


Although they’re important, there’s more to us copywriters than just words!



Copywriters wear many different hats

One of the reasons that I love my job as a freelance copywriter is because it’s so varied.


One day I can be sat in a meeting discussing how to raise awareness among local people about a children’s charity and the next I’m stood in a muddy field interviewing a client’s customer about their chickens.


I have to wear a different “hat” for every project – for example, you wouldn’t use the same tone of voice for a video game review as you would for an article on the price of gas for small businesses.


Copywriters need to have the skill and flexibility to jump from client to client adapting their writing as they go.

A top Copywriter will know that It’s the audience that matters

As I said above, you need to change your writing for every project you take on. This means you’ll need to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and think about how the final product will look to them.

Every project has a goal (that doesn’t always mean we’re trying to sell you something) so you need to find the appropriate way of communicating with your audience to achieve that goal.


Copywriters can dip their toes in anywhere

As I said above, I love my freelance copywriting job because it’s varied and I’ve worked with amazing clients across a range of industries from a luxury car brand to a budget cosmetic retailer.


What I write is also pretty varied – I’ve produced everything from hair product descriptions to in-depth articles on curtain walling.


Hopefully this has explained what a copywriter does, and confirmed that I cannot help you copyright your R&B album, but if you have any further questions about copywriting please get in touch.


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