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Many companies are on a constant hunt for top-quality writers but when they search for a B2B writer, they hit a roadblock.




Because a top B2B writer is a bit like a Snow Leopard, they are extremely rare!


The reason B2B writers are so rare is that your average copywriter doesn’t even know what B2B stands for. They think B2B is a world war two bomber plane.


So, if you’re struggling with your copywriter’s needs, you can rest easy because there is a solution out there. If you are aware of the correct places to look I can solve your B2B copywriting desires with the click of a button


In this blog post, I will touch on some of the key areas that you’ll need to factor into the equation when hiring a B2B writer.

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The war for B2B copywriting talent

hire b2b writer

The war in getting your hands on the top B2B writing talent can be very intense. The reason for this is obvious, if a company can get their hands on a B2B copywriter this can give them a considerable edge over the vast number of competitors who populate the marketplace. 


Another reason for businesses to hire in-house copywriters is because this will enable them to create content on tap. Instead of having to wait for some freelance writer to open a slot in his/her diary if you have hired an in-house copywriter, a company, will create this content instantly. 


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So what is B2B marketing?

B2B marketing sells and promotes productsgoods and services to other businesses. And this is where B2B writing comes into action. 

So what kind of writing does B2B writing encompass?

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Freelance B2B writing could encompass lot of different writingincluding: blog posts, white papers, sales copywriting, marketing content and many other B2B related areas.


In B2B writing, the writer not only has to create engaging, exciting, and informative copy he/she must create content that can persuade not just one individual, but many. 


Often, these individuals will have diverse and conflicting interests. For example, the company CFO might not want to spend money, but the company CMO(Central Marketing Officer) may want to spend cash like hes throwing away confetti.


The secret that a B2B writer will want to achieve is to hit the sweet spot where his writing can satisfy both ends of the spectrum. 


So it’s very important that if you’re looking to hire a B2B writer that you hire a highly skilled B2B writer that can persuade, influence and ultimately smash the ball into the back of the net. A B2B writer should have the ability to create articlesemails, and guides that will address the needs and wants of the other business. 


In contrast, between B2B copywriter and B2C( business to consumer) writing, sometimes the lines are blurred. To the naked eyes, sometimes the distinction might not be too obvious, but there is a marked difference.


For example, a consumer interested in purchasing a pair of jeans is primarily concerned with how the jeans effect him. Do they look stylish? Are they affordable? Will I look attractive in them? 


In contrast, a business purchasing software for their business are concerned about an entirely different area of selling points. Will the software do what is supposed to do? Is the software reliable? Are competitors using it? Will it integrate into the systems that are already in place within the business? 

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The differences between B2B writing and  B2C writing

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B2B writing

Persuade with logic. Advocates why their particular product is going to enhance businesses by using cold hard facts. 


B2C writing

Persuades with emotion. This form of copywriting will attempt to persuade by captivating and essentially bamboozling the consumer into purchasing something. Most times, B2C hinges on what is trending at that time.


This type of copywriting also includes a larger base where B2B writers must create content for a vastly narrower list of people. Usually, B2B writers will be trying to weigh up the motives, hopes, and designs of 6 or 7 individuals in a company. 


These narrow click of individuals will be the decision makers and so a freelance B2B will need to tailor make his content to try to influence the key decision makers. A B2B writer should strive to educate and persuade..

B2B writing traps

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One pitfall that many freelance B2B writers fall into is that they become so obsessed and affection towards the product that they’re attempting to sell that they forget to treat their buyers like people. 


Some of these B2B writers tout and promote features rather than the benefits. A simple mistake like this can make all the difference between securing a possible sale and losing the sale. 


Another trap that freelance B2B writers fall into is that the content they create is so full of jargon, nobody can understand it. Skilled writers should be able to get their messages across in as simplified a fashion as possible. If a writer can get his message across without making the consumer think than they are on to a winner. 


The fact is, in the modern world people don’t like thinking, people like machines and other people to do the thinking for them. Yesthis will make us dumber in the long run but unfortunately this is how the world is evolving.

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B2B writing is a fantastic way for any company to increase their profits and take their company to the next level. As I’ve already alluded to, B2B writing is very different to your standard form of writing with B2B writers targeting the hierarchy and leadership of companies. The goal of a B2B writer is to get the leadership in another company to make a decision that will lead to them buying.


Of course, if youre to hire a B2B copywriter, you might decide to hire any old copywriter but be very careful here because many copywriters cannot adapt their writing to B2B writing. You should always seek to hire a writer who can adapt and adjust their writing according to their clients specifications. 


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