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In the last few years, SEO copywriting services have changed dramatically. Traditionally, SEO copywriting focused on targeting specific keyword phrases repeated a number of times throughout a website. Research now shows that around 85% of the factors that determine web page rankings are based on things that happen ‘off’ the page.

In this blog post I will touch on some of the key tips that you should implement into your website.

Copywriting tips 2022

copywriting tips 2021

Compelling Content for Your Website

Modern SEO copywriting is all about crafting interesting and compelling content that encourages visitors to promote that content by sharing it, or linking to it. This, in turn, increases trust and authority and helps your site attain higher rankings for pages containing certain keywords.


That’s not to say that keyword research is not important, it still is, but search engine algorithms have moved forward. Search engines treat what visitors to a site think about the content and how they describe it in links as a very important indicator of the quality and relevance of such content. 


With the ever-growing volume of blogs and social media platforms, more people than ever are able to comment on what’s relevant by bookmarking the content, linking to it, and also tweeting it.

Hire Professional Copywriting Services for Websites

professional copywriting services

It’s a good idea to hire a copywriter to provide professional SEO copywriting services and create effective SEO content for your website. The content written by a copywriter will appeal to visitors to your site, will include effective headlines that will set the tone and ensure that your articles are read, and will also include highly effective SEO keywords.


Headlines will normally be numbered – research shows that headlines that include numbers attract more visitors – people love lists as they promise something specific and suggest readability. The content will also incorporate subheadings as these make your articles easier to read and help guide readers through the content. In addition, subheadings describe your content to search engines.


So think carefully when planning content for your website and look to hire a copywriter to provide effective SEO copywriting services.

copywriting tips 2021

Updating your copywriting content

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