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If you want to grow your brand, blog content writing is the perfect way to blast your website off into orbit. A good quality blog content writing package will enable you to blast off towards the stars at such a rate that Elon Musks rockets will look something out of a kindergarten.

What is blog content writing?

Quality blog content writing will increase your traffic and conversions exponentially, but note, that I used the words “quality blog content writing.”


The fact is, whilst there are a lot of blog writing services out there many of these services are utterly useless. A huge portion of these charlatans use AI’s where their content is written by a Bot and is unintelligible. You might be as well hiring a Monkey at the Zoo to create your content.


Another thing to factor into the equation when hiring cheap blog writers is that these cheap blog writers don’t even speak English as their native language. Yes, some people, over time, can become proficient in a foreign language but the style of their writing will never, in most cases, match the natural flow of a native speaker.

Hire a blog content writer who has a passion for writing

blog content writing

You will need to hire someone who enjoys blog content writing. It seems obvious, right? Real blog content writing should be created by someone who actually enjoys doing what they are doing.


If you want to succeed in life the first rule is that you must have a passion for doing what you are doing.


The old adage of “ the square peg in the round hole” is very apt when it comes to blog content writing.


How do I start writing a blog?

By knowing your subject matter!


Imagine if Vincent Van Gogh had decided to become a Plumber rather than a painter? The chances are that he would have, never mind cutting off his ear, he would have decapitated his head clean off long before the infamous incident with his ear.


Great content writing comes from people who are passionate about what they are doing. Poor blog content writing comes from people who have only a half interest in what they are doing. You should always try to hire the best because in the long run paying that extra few extra euros for the best blog writing service will pay off in spades.



Beware of cheap content writing

blog content writing

Ok, so you’re thinking maybe I can hire that guy over there as he’ll only cost a pittance compared to this other guy. Or maybe you’re thinking sure I’ll save some money and I’ll write the blog myself. Don’t. In both of these strategies you will lose out in the long run. Cheap blog content writers will cost you money.


Blog content writing services don’t come cheap

Because if you hire a blog content writer who is cheap the chances are that English won’t even be his first language and his blog post will be littered with mistakes.


Another reason why cheap blog content writing goes badly wrong is that more often than not, these cheap blog writers don’t even write anything.


Yes, you read that correctly.


Cheap blog content writers often out other peoples content into spin bots, which spins the words around and makes the piece look new and original but all that has really happened is that a computer has created some junk article that will then be sold onto some unsuspecting fool (ie) You!



Give everything 100% right, not 90% correct

blog content writing

There is simply no point in you investing in creating a great website, making sure it’s funny, fast, and slick, and then when you have everything done not investing in a proper SEO blog content writing strategy.


Quite simply, if you spend thousands in hiring developers, UX designers, marketers, etc and you don’t invest in a proper blog content writing strategy, then you are being an idiot. I’m sorry for calling you this but if you don’t have regular blog posts on your website, you should retire to the corner of the classroom and put a dunces hat on your forehead.


Blog content writing is integral to SEO. Not employing a blog-related SEO strategy is like creating a stunning luxurious cruise liner(ie) website and then letting the ship drift aimlessly amidst the wild currents of the ocean, or in this case, the wild currents of the world wide web.

Blog content writing services can guide you to the promised land

Employing a proper SEO strategy will be like hiring a Captain to navigate and guide your ship to the land of plenty. This is why you should hire a good captain because if you hire a bad captain, your ship will sink faster than the Titanic.


You don’t want to some idiot announcing with some naive idiotic smile “full steam ahead” and next thing he sails straight into an iceberg. Top blog content writing costs money but in the long run this extra investment will pay off.


Get your content writing to target buyer persona’s

blog content writing

One of the first questions a blog content writer should be asking himself is, “Who am I trying to target here”? One way of solving this problem is for your content writer to create a buyer persona.


What will these persona’s do?

Creating a buyer persona will enable you to target your audience at a more precise level. Buyer persona’s will allow you to penetrate right into the consciousness of your readers and discover what is swirling around inside of their heads.


What this will enable you to do is to find out what buttons make them tick and when you do this you can far more easily convert these people into conversions and ultimately into cold hard cash. For example, if your readers are millennia’s they wont need information on how to set up a social media account but what they will want to know is how to tailor their social media approach so that it becomes more business savvy. You should always try and tweak your message according to the persona.


Blog content writing that Identifies keywords

blog content writing

Any web content writer worth his salt will know that you need to target certain keywords. There is no point in a blog content writer writing a huge blog without a keyword strategy.


So how do you employ a proper keyword strategy?


First of all, you’ll need to decide on how much time and money you can invest. For example, if you are trying to target a high ranking keyword in which other companies with millions of dollars are targeting the chances are that you will rank for this keyword will be very low.


One way a blog content writer can get around this problem is by creating a blog for a high ranking keyword and then also creating a blog along similar lines and then trying to get this other blog published on an established website with a high DA. What this might enable you to do is to pump your website up the rankings based on the two pronged strategy of backlink building from established websites and creating lively engaging content.



blog content writing

Blog content writing can significantly increase your presence on Google and your ranking levels on Google SERPS( Search engine ranking position). But you shouldn’t just go ahead and write any web content, your content writing should be SEO targeted.

A top blog content writer will have identified a list of keywords that he will try and target and then he will incorporate these keywords into this blogs. A key part of SEO writing is that the main keyword that you are targeting should be in the headline of the blog and then it should be scattered about the blog.


Another area were SEO blog writers neglect is that some of them don’t create an SEO meta description when they finish their blog. Many SEO blog writers simply create their blog, insert keywords, and then don’t finish it off by create the meta description. This is negligence of the highest order. When you set up your website or blog, one of the first things you should do is install a good SEO plugin like Yoast SEO and this plugin will give you some fantastic pointers in regards to what areas of SEO you are missing out on.



Blog content writing is an integral part of any marketing strategy. If you get your blog content writing strategy correct you can build your brand and build your website onto previously unseen heights. On the internet, content is king but only great content is king. There are multiple ways on which you can can grow your business via web content writing and blog content writing and any effective marketing strategy will incorporate a blog content writer.

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