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It’s a universally recognized fact that social media is like the toilet bin of the internet. Everywhere you look, there is the foul-smelling odor of excrement. Posers, bluffers, and attention seekers are all over the place! Like, come on, who wants to know what Joe Bloggs has just eaten for dinner?!


But the fact is, if you’re a digital marketer, social media can prove well worth the investment! With half-witted dummies all over the place for a savvy digital marketer, social media can be a gold mine.

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I know what you’re thinking!

Do you feel the pressure of being on every social media platform there is to promote your business? Completely overwhelmed trying to manage everything and seemingly not getting anywhere? It’s probably the question I get asked the most from other holistic practitioners. What should I do to promote my business on social media? It’s a vast question, but I wanted to give you my top 5 things I teach my clients.


1. Pick one and commit

social media marketing

You don’t have to be on every single social media platform there is! Pick one or two, commit to them and master them. Only then start to think about using others. This might shock some of you and other marketing experts will most likely not agree with it. But there’s simply no point!

If you’re trying to be everywhere, chances are you’ll do it half-heartedly and are not getting anywhere. It’s like throwing paint against the wall and hoping it will stick.


More importantly though your ideal clients will NOT be hanging out on all platforms either. Most of the times your clients will be very similar to you in what they like and don’t like. Are you a visual person or do you prefer to read?


Let me give you an example. I used to try to do twitter. ‘Cause you know you’re supposed to and it is a good marketing tool. I hated it. With every fiber of my being..cram everything in 140 characters? Not a chance..and so I started speaking to my clients and guess what?? They felt the exact same way. Don’t get me wrong Twitter is a great marketing tool.. Just not for me and my clients.


So don’t spread yourself thin and be on every single platform there is. Pick one to start with, get to know it, get involved and most importantly commit to it for at least 6 months.

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2. Create a community 

Social Media is NOT an advertising platform. Facebook for example is called a Social Networking Platform. Networking being the important word here. It’s about connecting with other people and creating a community. Start thinking about using social media as a way to build your community. I promise you it will make a difference.


Yes, you can still promote your workshops and services, but make it more about connecting with other people, giving them advice in your area of expertise and only then start thinking of pitching your services.  A general 4-to-1 rule is good. 4 informative, funny or useful posts followed by 1 post where you pitch your services. People will get bored otherwise and stop interacting with you.


3. Be patient 

Social Media is not an overnight strategy. It does take time and you need patience. Yes, there are ways to buy likes to your page and build a following fast. Trust me, it’s not the way. Genuine followers, the ones that actually like what you do and interact with you take time to build up. It’s worth the effort though to build that community. Building a community of raving fans who can’t wait to sign up for the next thing you do.


4. Be consistent

We get bursts of enthusiasm, are extremely active on our social media platforms and then it dies down. I’m guilty as charged on this one. It’s hard to be consistent, because sometimes we get busy with other things or don’t know what to post. But I can’t stress how important it is to be consistent.


One thing that helps is to schedule posts in advance. Spend an hour once a week to create posts for the week. Then all you have to do is to react to comments rather than frantically trying to find something to post on a daily basis.


There are great tools such as HootsuiteSproutsocial to help you with this. If you need inspiration on what to post here are some suggestions: Use your own blog posts, create quote graphics from your blog posts, re-post relevant other articles, post videos from peers


5. Create content

This is something that most people don’t want to hear. Creating your own content is crucial. It’s a way to showcase your expertise. Your future clients will get to know you and start to trust in your work. Here’s the good news. You don’t have to write blog posts, if that doesn’t rock your world. You can create videos or audios and get them transcribed. Find what works for you. If you dread doing it, chances are you’ll not do it. So experiment with different ways of creating your own content and take it to the world.

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