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You will notice when you go online and do a search under a specific word that you are faced with thousands of choices from blogs and articles to websites. Some websites rank at the top and some rank on page 9.


Why are these articles ranking on the first page of Google?


There must be a hidden secret in there somewhere that these always pop up, where do they come from and who writes them?

seo consultant Dublin

Hire an SEO consultant in Dublin who has a love of words

The hidden truth behind ranking on Google is hiring a great SEO writer. Someone with the ability to put sentences together in such a way that you can’t help reading the article. A person who has dedicated their lives to writing because of their love of words and has joined these skills with knowing what words Google loves.


How do I know this? Because I am one of those people. A person who loves what I do every day, loves article writing and ensuring that my customers are always noticed in search results.

seo consultant Dublin

An SEO expert in Ireland who knows the reality of modern marketing

It all starts with a love of words and just seems to blossom from there and now businesses can enjoy the advantages that writing services provide in this technological era. SEO articles are an important aspect of any business who is marketing themselves online. A business not marketing themselves online doesn’t really stand a chance as everyone is taking advantage of the affordable online marketing options available.


Is hiring an SEO expert worth it?

It is estimated that there are tens of billions of websites and blogs on the internet.


So how do businesses compete in this very competitive and saturated market?


They can complete by hiring an SEO consultant.

What tactics will a Dublin SEO consultant use?

They use superb copywriters, writers who work for great writing Dublin companies specialising in helping them achieve online success through informative blogs, captivating articles, SEO articles and website content.


The use of SEO is imperative to any online business, this is the use of keywords carefully placed throughout an article which is then recognized by the search engine giants and helps the business get to the top of rankings.

What do SEO consultants do?

Maybe you think that SEO is some strange code, well it stands for search engine optimization and the search engine is what people use to do online searches such as Google, Yahoo and more. So you need to ensure your article writing and SEO articles are written in such a way that they are considered reputable by these companies and shoot you to the top of the list.


Now you may think you’ll write the articles yourself and there is nothing stopping you from doing this, but professional writing services are affordable and you don’t have to pay for a full-time writer, you only pay for the blogs and article writing you require, so you can benefit and reap in the rewards of success at a low price.

seo consultant Dublin

An SEO consultant in Dublin won’t use keywords that are over-saturated

You need to remember that people like me who do this every day for a living have a way with words; I know exactly how to place the keywords, how many should be in the article and what keywords to use.


Some keywords have been saturated and you don’t want those because you will compete against thousands of other companies for that top-ranking spot.


Keywords need to be analyzed and chosen with care and then the article writing can begin and your SEO articles can help you get to the top of that important list that increases your website traffic and improves your sales turnover.


Always use a professional Dublin SEO company to create blogs, that ensure that you improve your ranking and enjoy an increase in customers and sales.


Our SEO consultants in Dublin will tailor-make a strategy for you

We provide finely tuned search engine optimisation campaigns that respond to current market trends.


Our Dublin SEO experts and consultants ensure that we fit the right optimisation strategy for each individual business.


Every website is unique and in turn every campaign should be tailored to suit the website and target keywords.


Our Dublin SEO experts work with every client to ensure the correct SEO package for them.


Our strategies follow Google guidelines and revolve around a good website with strong content that readers will find engaging and want to share. We work with our clients to devise content strategies on website, social media and external sites that will provide high quality links and referral traffic to your site.

seo consultant Dublin

There is no cheating Google. Search Engine Optimisation in Dublin today is about High Quality Content.

Today search engine success is about quality content, sharing content and providing interesting and engaging content on a website that functions well. There are over 200 factors effecting the Google algorhythmn and we understand the most important ones to get our clients results.


We can help you manage this process with Dublin SEO consultants that speak to you in a language you understand and manage both onsite and offsite optimisation so you have a total one-stop online marketing solution for your business.

How our Dublin SEO consultants work?

At contentwriterireland we constantly evolve and change our ways of doing business to keep up to date with emerging search ranking trends. We change our work methods regularly in response to changes in how SEO Dublin works. Our SEO experts will be happy to discuss your project with you in detail and devise a plan that suits your goal and budget.


  1. Website audit, competitor review and keyword analysis.
  2. Onsite optimisation
    1. Domain advice
    2. Detecting and fixing site errors
    3. Meta Tags, Meta Description & Keywords
    4. Page Optimisation – keyword placement in content, header tags, alt tags and h1 tags.
  3. Quality link building – creating quality content that is useful to your target audience and sharing this across relevant sites.
  4. Relevant directory listings that will increase your website visibility locally.
  5. Search Engine Optimisation advice and posting where required.
  6. Content Writing Service – Quality content writing service provided by native English speakers with a talent for writing strong articles that will enhance your brand online.


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