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A top sales copywriter will appreciate and understand that there is a massive difference between writing sales copy and writing normal content.  The goal of a sales copywriter will be to persuade, compel, and subtlety force readers to commit to a desired action.  When it comes to creating great sales copy the sales copywriter will be like a puppet master who will be skilled in manipulating the puppets(users) to commit to a desired action.


If you want to hire a sales copywriter, the end goal and target of your sales copywriter will be get users to click, signup, call, and leave their personal details with your company. The best sales copywriters will be skilled in crafting content that will have the ability to enchant and beguile users into committing to a particular action. In this blog post, I will touch on some of the most vital skills that a sales copywriter will need to have in their skillset.

sales copywriter


A sales copywriter will need to know how to sell

sales copywriter

The best sales copywriter will understand that in effect they will have to act like a salesperson.  Of course, when it comes to being an effective salesperson there will be a number of vital skills that someone will need to be in possession of such as having a working knowledge of human psychology and what triggers someone to make a purchase.


A sales copywriter will be skilled in sprinkling in certain words into their copy, words that will evoke emotions such as trust, confidence, and a desire to make a purchase.  Superior sales copy will know how to directly target users and will try and get inside the mind of the users they are trying to persuade to take a particular action.


It goes without saying that your sales copywriter should be skilled in creating content that promotes whatever product or service you’re looking to sell.  The content that is created should be informative, engaging, and should have the ability to keep the readers eyes firmly on the prize.

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When it comes to sales copy the heading is going to be vitally important

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Superior sales copy will understand the importance of creating great headlines. Studies show that people are 5 times more likely to read the headline of an article than the body of the text.  A great headline will have the ability to touch a person on both an emotional level and an intellectual level.


Great sales copy will appreciate that there is a number of vital techniques that will need to be enacted such as posing questions, saying something provocative, using numbers, lists,  and utlizing CTA words.


In many respects, you nearly need to speed more time crafting a ten or twelve word heading than the body of the text.  In effect, the heading is like a bait that you will be dangling at the end of your hook and this bait should be something that will be juicy, enticing, and will encourage users to snap at it.


There are a number of other vital skills that the best sales copy will utilise,  and if you contact us here at contentwriterireland we can give you a free quote on how your business can ensure that  they get the very best sales copy delivered right into your lap.

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A superior sales letter copywriter will understand human psychology

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A sales copywriter will not just tell people what to do; they will  give them a reason to do it! The content that a sales copywriter produces will be designed to evoke the emotions and desires of the  readers. In life, everyone wants to be richer, happier, and more successful, and a top sales copywriter will know to play upon these emotions so that users are more likely to purchase your product or service.


A sales copywriter will be focused on creating CTA buttons which revolve around the emotions and desires  of people.  A copywriter will be able to get their message across as to why users should commit a certain action, what benefits they will gain, and why they should click on that all important CTA button.

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A freelance sales copywriter should be skilled in using the correct marketing techniques

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Don’t hire a freelance sales copywriter who simply yells at people.  Imagine encountering someone on the street who yells and shouts at you that you should be purchasing their goods, would you purchase them? Of course not! You would use a few choice words and more than likely would tell them to F Off.  The same premise is true for sales copy.


You don’t want to to hire a freelance sales copywriter who is going to be in the face of users insisting that they should do this, do that, and do the other, you will want to hire a freelance sales copywriter who can gently persuade users of the benefits of a product without going over the top with aggresive marketing techniques.


Another mistake that you should try and ensure that your freelance sales copywriter doesn’t commit is to create copy that is saturated with fluff. Whilst superlative words can add power to your content, you should try and ensure that whatever you say can be backed up with hard evidence.


If you’re saying that “you’re the best” can you prove it? Also, if you’re promising a speedy delivery and your customer has to wait weeks for a delivery, how do you think this is going to work out for you? Bad.

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Getting your hands on an elite level sales copywriter is going to be no easy task.  A sales copywriter will need to be a multitalented in a variety of disciplines including marketing, writing, psychology, understanding clients needs, and much much more. It goes without saying that the end goal of a sales copywriter will be to increase sales and conversion rates. The bottom line is going to be whether your sales copywriter increases your overall client base.


The best sales copywriter will be able to achieve these goals via gently nudging users towards a desired goal or target. Overall, if you want to get your hands on a top sales copywriter why not contact us here at contentwriterireland and receive a free quote on hiring one of our sales copywriters.

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