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A thirsty man is staggering along in the desert looking for water.


The man sees an Oasis of water shining and glistening in the distance.


He staggers up to the water, takes one look at it, and walks away in disgust.


Why did he walk away? Because the water looks pure poisonous.  He’d rather drink dirt.


Have you ever wondered why so many of the visitors to your website take one look at it and then never purchase anything? Usually, the reason is due to elements of your website looking poisonous.  Namely the copywriting.  Users would rather drink dirt than take out their credit cards and hand over their hard-earned cash. They would rather whither on the vine than give you one red cent.



You can solve this problem by enlisting the services of a copywriting company.  But there are many copywriting companies out there, how can you separate the wheat from the chaff?  What should you looking out for when you decide to enlist the services of copywriting companies?

 copywriting companies

Ask any prospective copywriting company for sample content


One of the best ways you can figure out whether a particular copywriting company is going to work for you is if you ask them to produce a sample piece of content. Whilst some copywriting companies might not offer a sample piece of content you should be looking to trail the copywriting companies that do offer a sample piece.



A sample piece will allow you to figure out whether a particular company is going to effectively work for you or not.  Some copywriting companies may offer a free sample but many won’t, but don’t let this put you off from asking for the sample content. Sample content will allow you to figure out at a very low-risk factor whether a particular copywriting company is compatible with your goals

 copywriting companies


Most copywriting companies should offer short term contracts


Now that you’ve figured out which copywriting companies you’d like to do business with, you can move on to the next stage. Short-term contracts.



Short-term contracts are low risk, that’s the beauty of them. You’ll be able to figure out whether the content the copywriting company is producing the results they say they are going to produce. Use the analytics that these copywriting companies provide and see whether the statistics are impressive or not.



If you do decide to hire one particular copywriting company, you should hire their services for a shorter period, say one month, and then as time goes on you’ll be able to figure out whether they are definitely the one for you. Once again, a shorter contract minimizes your risk factor

 copywriting companies


How much should you pay copywriting companies?


There is a huge variation between how much copywriting companies will seek to get paid.  Some copywriting companies will seek to get paid per word and others will seek to get paid per project.  Figuring how much your copywriting company should get paid, can be pretty taxing.


For example, many copywriting companies could charge a vastly larger sum for one landing page of 500 words than they might charge for a blog of 1,000 words. Why is this the case?  Time factors. The simple fact is, crafting the content for one landing page will take a lot more time and effort than creating a blog post.   When it comes to landing pages, a copywriting company will have a lot to ponder over. Every word that is inserted into a landing page will need to make an impact and creating this impact will take time and effort.

 copywriting companies



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