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Not having a copywriting agency on your team is like entering a horserace onboard a three-legged Donkey. You will lose. 




Because If certain aspects of your business are sluggish, stale, and outdated, readers will flee from your website like they’re fleeing from a bad fart!

A copywriting agency can provide the perfect solution by supplying vibrant and exciting content that will engage readers and will have them coming back for more and more.

copywriting agency


A copywriting agency will know that in the modern age content is king

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In many respects, the creation of exciting content is a bit like a newborn baby entering into the house. Everyone is excited. The baby is full of potential and with time will grow into an adult that can flourish and thrive. Copywriting is very similar.


Once content is created, often, at the beginning, it is very slow to spark to life but  the longer the content is swirling around the more power and potency it will amass. Why? Because Google loves content that has longevity.  Often content won’t reach its full ranking potential until it is one or two years in existence.


But this is only true if one thing is assured. The content must be quality. If the content you create is like a big steaming pile of elephant dung Google won’t be long figuring this out. No backlinks, readers taking flight after a few seconds, etc, are all strong indications that the copy you created is a turd.



Of course, you could decide to embark on some DIY copywriting but like a DIY electrical job, sometimes its best of being left to the professionals.

copywriting agency

A copywriting agency will create tailor-made content

copywriting agency

A copywriting agency will tailor-make content to suit your specific needs.  Whether you are creating content for a particular niche campaign, a webpage, trying to increase conversions, a top copywriting agency will endeavor to come up with the solutions for you.


Also, it goes without saying that businesses will have a vast array of goals. For example, copywriting for a B2B business is going to be a vastly different copy compared to a B2C business.  B2B content will be created for managers and other people who hold power in companies.


A copywriting agency will be aware of this and will create content that will target the pain points of the managers and will use these pain points to come up with solutions to ease the pain. Of course,  from you and I’s perspective, the best way we can get managers to ease their pain is by opening up the company credit card and buying goods or services!


But how do you get them to do this? The best way is by hiring a copywriting agency that will know all of the buttons that need to be pushed in order to increase your chances of securing a conversion.


A top copywriting agency will be skilled in psychology, marketing, SEO, copywriting, and will use this arsenal of skills to secure results that you could never dream of achieving by yourself.

copywriting agency

A copywriting agency will be skilled in sparking life into your content

copywriting agency

A copywriting agency will be able to make your content interesting. In the era of the internet, if the content you create is boring it is going to be going nowhere.  The best copywriting agency will be able to take a piece of coal and polish it into a diamond.


Copywriting should jump off the page and make people want to engage with you.  The best copywriting will be something akin to a party with cocktails, bikini-clad women, blue skies, sands, and beaches.


You don’t want copywriting that is like an old folks home with slippers and electric blankets. You don’t want boring.


Of course, if the industry you are creating content for is formal and stuffy, you might want to reign in your worst excesses and talk directly to the client persona, but even then your writing should sparkle from the page.


And whilst creating interesting content is very important, the content still must have substance. There must be meat on the bone.  If the copywriting is full of outlandish, clownish content without any real information, people will soon take flight and will abandon you. If people wanted to see a clown they would go to the circus.


What I’m trying to get at here is that, whilst you must make your content interesting you still must maintain the integrity of the piece of writing,  The copy must help users solve a problem. It must be informative. You must trend the line between creating interesting content and being informative.


By hiring a copywriting agency you can help ensure that your content manages to stay on this balancing rope. A top copywriting agency will be an expert in walking these tightropes and will lead you to the promised land of more conversions and money in the bank.

copywriting agency

A top copywriting agency will boost your SEO

copywriting agency

Without a solid grasp of SEO tactics, your website is going nowhere. Fast.


A copywriting agency will be able to conduct an SEO analysis of your website and will quickly be able to determine where the leaks are coming from. A top copywriting agency will not only know how to stem these leaks but will also know how to strengthen your overall SEO.


An SEO copywriting agency will know how to prospect and strike a vein of oil and will know to harness this oil so that it is maximized and profited to the maximum degree. What I’m getting at here, is that when it comes to SEO, there are always ways in which you can enhance your results.  A copywriting agency can help you achieve these results.


The fact is, copywriting that is not steeped in the best SEO practices is going to fail. Badly.


In the modern era, any copywriting that is produced, must at the very least, have some basic SEO fundamentals within it.  A copywriting agency will be skilled in the finer arts of SEO and will know how these tactics should be used to boost your business.

copywriting agency

A copywriting agency will use data to increase your bottom line

copywriting agency

A copywriting agency will allow you effectively analyze the data for your website.  The fact is, decision-makers can no longer rely on intuition, hunches, and guesses. Data is the only source of truth.  A copywriting agency will be able to listen to the numbers and will make decisions around these numbers.  Tests will trump intuition.


Copywriting agencies will be skilled in testing and trying out new tactics in order to discover which tactics are the most effective.  Sometimes all a piece of content needs will be a small tweak and this small tweak can result in significant conversions.


But just because data is important this not mean that copywriters should ignore emotional copy which can results in significant ROI’s.  At the end of the day, people want to read content because its interesting and informative and your content must reflect this principle.


Once again, a copywriting agency will help ensure that you can balance the tightrope between creating interesting copy and copy that is data-driven.

The final reason you should hire the services of a copywriting agency

If you want to take your website to the next level you should think about hiring a copywriting agency. A copywriting agency will allow you to focus on the areas of your business that you truly excel at rather than wasting time in producing DIY copy that is not effective.


The best copywriting agencies will come up with a plan that they will implement so that they achieve the best results possible. No longer will you have to produce content in a scattergun approach, once you hire the services of a copywriting agency, your content will be tailor-made to suit your marketing goals.


Why create content like a blind man when you can hire a copywriting agency to put on night vision goggles and penetrate into the darkness of the world wide web?

copywriting agency

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