help writing website content

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We have published thousands of articles in various industries such as travel and tourism, food & beverage, finance and technology. If you need an expert writer who can produce quality content that will attract visitors and increase sales, then get in touch with us today!

help writing website copy


Content Writers

Content writers are people who write for websites, blogs and other digital media. They are usually professional writers with a background in journalism, marketing or communications. Some content writers work independently while others work for agencies that provide written content to clients. Content writing is a paid job that can be done remotely and it’s typically paid on a per word or per page basis.


Copywriters are often confused with editors, and while they do share a few commonalities (both are paid to improve your writing), there are important differences between the two that you should be aware of. A copywriter specializes in creating content for websites, advertisements and marketing materials. The purpose of a copywriter’s work will vary depending on their client’s needs but can include:


*Writing ad copy for ads you want to run online or off

*Creating website content for landing pages or product pages

*Crafting sales letters for follow up emails

*Writing ebooks or whitepapers to promote your business

help writing website copy

Web Content Writers

Web content writers are experts in writing content for websites. They can write blog posts, articles, and other types of content that help a company grow its online presence. It is important to note that web content writers have a background in SEO-friendly writing (search engine optimization) so their work will be easily found by search engines like Google and Bing.


Bloggers are a type of writer who write blog posts. They’re often experts in a specific field, and they tend to be passionate about the topics they write about. Bloggers can be hired or self-employed to write content for your website. A good way to find high-quality bloggers is by searching through social media hashtags like #blogger or #writerslife, which will attract those who are active within those communities.


If you want the best results for your money, pay per word: some writers may charge more if they know their work is being shared across multiple platforms (like Twitter and Facebook).

help writing website copy

Technical Writers

Technical writers are responsible for writing manuals, user guides, and other materials related to the use of software or hardware. They may also be responsible for creating training materials for employees.


Technical writers work closely with developers and engineers to understand how a product works before writing about it. They can work in a variety of fields such as consumer products, medical devices, software and web design/user experience (UX).


Translators are great for translating documents and websites, but they’re also an excellent choice for any other translation project you may have. You can use translators to translate apps, marketing materials and social media posts.


Translators work with many different languages including English, German, French and Russian. They’re very effective at translating written material into another language as well as spoken words into a different tongue.

help writing website copy

Content Managers

Content managers are responsible for the creation and maintenance of content on a website. Their duties can vary depending on the size of the company, but generally include:


*Content strategy: They help determine what types of content to create, how often it should be updated or revised, and how users will find it (search engine optimization is often part of this).


*Editorial oversight: They ensure that the quality and tone set by editorial leadership is being followed throughout all departments and initiatives. Content managers may also serve as editors themselves; if so, they are responsible for making sure that spelling errors don’t make it through to publication.* Technical management: They manage software programs used in creating or publishing content such as WordPress CMS systems or Drupal CMS systems.

Experts in Specific Industries

In the past, you may have hired content writers to help you write website content. However, if you’re looking for a more specialized team of experts in a specific industry, we recommend hiring what are known as subject matter experts (SMEs). They can provide the knowledge and experience needed when it comes to writing engaging and informative text that is also SEO-friendly.

help writing website copy

If you need good content for your website, hire a professional.

You may be tempted to save money by writing your own website content, but this is the wrong approach. There are many reasons why it’s better to hire a professional. Here are just a few:


*You need quality material that will attract visitors, and that takes time and expertise in order to create.

*A professional writer has access to resources that you don’t have when it comes to finding information on topics like tax law or what types of shoes are popular right now. They can find accurate data sources that might not be available through free tools (like Google) or content mills (like Fiverr). They also know how important it is for their writing samples to look good so they’ll be able to get hired again!


For example, if someone wants an article about mountain biking trails in Central America then they might want something more than just one paragraph with some bullet points at the end—they’ll probably want two pages with detailed descriptions plus photos from each location mentioned so readers can see what they’re looking at without needing another picture gallery page.”

Help writing website content? The conclusion

Writing website content is a specialized field. There are many different types of writers, each with their own skill set and specialty areas. The best way to find the right one for your needs is by doing research, reading reviews and testimonials from other clients, checking social media profiles (especially LinkedIn), and asking questions during an interview.

help writing website copy

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