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Not having a finance writer on your team is a bit like a man trying to conceive via sexual intercourse when his two balls are cut off. It won’t work. Your business and website will fire blanks. A potential client will wander off and will get serviced elsewhere. You don’t want this!

The fact is, the finance industry is a rapidly changing environment and this is one of the many reasons why you should hire a finance freelance writer. When the finance industry changes, as it certainly will, you’re going to need pinpoint potency to stay ahead of the game!

A finance content writer will allow you to capitalize on major changes within the finance industry and will allow readers of your website to profit from these changes.

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One of the key factors that you will have to ensure when you hire a finance freelance writer is to ensure that the writer has impeccable research skills and has the ability to craft content in an authoritative fashion.  You should ensure that the writer that you hire has expertise within the industry, and has the ability to exude confidence when it comes to getting their message across.

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Hire a finance freelance writer who is skilled in research

Finance Writer

One of the main skills that a finance freelance writer should possess is the ability to research. A finance content writer that is skilled in researching will have the ability to get to the truth of the matter and then relay this information to their readers. The one of the great sins that a finance freelance writer can commit is to craft content that is unreliable and is not backed up by facts.


Once a finance content commits these sins, and readers become aware of it, your website will instantly begin to lose credibility. Hire a finance freelance writer who knows how to research. Hire a finance copywriter who knows the ins and outs of financial copywriting.

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A business content writer should know what his audience wants: Profit

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A business content writer should understand the audience that they are writing for.  A business content writer should know what the primary reason their audience is reading their articles: Profit. Anyone who is reading content on a business website will be there for one reason and  one reason only: the potential to make profit.


Once a business content writer understands this they can adapt their content to ensure that it is going to meet the readers needs. A business content writer should always be on a lookout for emerging trends, and potential untapped revenue sources were readers can capitalize on these trends and make a tidy profit.

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Business content writers should be knowledgeable

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Business content writers should have an intimate knowledge of whatever industry they are writing about. No matter if the industry is the finance industry, cryptocurrency, banking, stocks and shares, or any other finance industry, you should be seeking to hire business content writers that can create expert content around a given subject.


One of the ways you can ensure that the business content writers you hire are experts within the industry is to ask them to show you content that they have previously produced. This will help ensure that these business content writers are actually going to be the experts that they purport to be.

Ensure your corporate content writing is in alignment

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When it comes to corporate content writing you should always strive to ensure that the content that you produce is in alignment with your business strategy.  There is not much point in corporate content writing wandering off on a tangent when this content does not mean your companies long term goals and targets. Another thing you should factor into the equation is ensuring that your corporate content writing  has the ability to inform users and ultimately helps them to make sound financial decisions. At the end of the day, bullshit walks and money talks.

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The very best of finance freelance writers will understand the importance of SEO

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The best finance freelance writers should be skilled in the arts of SEO, and how to manipulate search engines so that your content ranks at the top of Google. There is not much point in your hiring a finance writer and they don’t have a first clue when it comes to ensuring that your content ranks at the upper reaches of Google. The very best finance content writing will combine crafting informative and engaging posts, with an ability to ensure that any content produced is SEO rich and will rank on Google.

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