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Not having an e-commerce writer on your team is like backing a three-legged Donkey to win a horse race. 

You will lose clients. You will lose money.  You will lose time.

The fact is, if you don’t hire an eCommerce writer, you are setting your website and your brand up for failure.

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So what can an eCommerce writer do for your business?

From creating engaging product descriptions, landing page info, to UX writing, an eCommerce copywriter will create copy that will engage the customer at every point during their visit to your website.


Not only will the ecommerce writer be skilled in creating the perfect copy, they should also be skilled in understanding the psychology of visitors and how certain words and colour coordination’s can influence users’ behaviours.


Ultimately, you should be striving to hire an ecommerce copywriter that can craft compelling web copy that will drive traffic and will lead users right down into your traffic funnel. In this blog post, I will touch on some of the key areas that an eCommerce copywriter will need to be skilled in when they create copy.


hire ecommerce copywriter


An ecommerce copywriter will know the importance of answering questions

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One of the key things that a product description writer should be able to accomplish is answering questions.  There are 4 key questions that any functional e-commerce site should be able to answer:


  1. Who is the target market of this product?
  2. What are the distinguishing features that make this product stand out?
  3. In what manner should the product be used?
  4. What problem will this product solve?


When customers are browsing through your ecommerce store they are imagining how the product will enhance their lives and the goal of an ecommerce writer is to make the image in the customers head as clear as possible.


Basically, an elite ecommerce writer should be able to enhance the customers fantasy and make them more likely to make that all important purchase.

 landing page copywriter

Crafting a buyer persona will be of vital importance to an ecommerce copywriter

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Having knowledge of your buyer persona is a bit like a General in an Army being in possession of information in relation to the size and power of an opposition army.


This information will allow you to adapt and change your tactics to ensure that your content is going to be far more likely to make a conversion.


If you know what your users are looking for, what their needs are, what their desires are an ecommerce copywriter will be able to adjust their copywriting so that their writing hits the reader’s sweet spots.

A landing page copywriter should know how to adapt their content

landing page copywriter

Writing landing page copy is going to be very different to writing copy for other areas of your website.  A landing page copywriter should be able to create copy that reads like a sales letter rather than reading like general web content.


An elite landing page copywriter should be a firm proponent of testing and trying out different content when trying to discover the perfect type words for your website. The fact is, its going to be very unlikely that you will hit the jackpot when you first create your landing page copy.


A landing page copywriter should create each landing page with a great deal of thought and foresight. You should always carry out split tests, alternative layouts, headlines, etc as this will allow you to discover the perfect system for you.


When you adjust your content you will be able to deduce what type of content is going to best suit your businesses needs.

 landing page copywriter


When it comes to landing page copywriting killer headlines are going to be key

landing page copywriting

A landing page copywriter will be skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to creating great headlines. The headline is the first thing that a victor to your website is going to read and if the headline isn’t catchy and informative, you’re going to be setting yourself up for failure.


A superior landing page copywriter will know the importance of crafting a catchy headline that has just enough interest to perk peoples attention and get them to read the rest of the content.


Studies suggest that over  80% of readers just read the headline and then don’t read the rest of the text, and this is the very reason why its going to be vitally important that you craft a headline that will have the potential to reel users into your conversion nets.

An ecommerce copywriter will know a business’s value proposition

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One of the keys way that you can ensure that you craft impactful headlines is if you know a companies value proposition.  One of the best ways for you to accomplish this is to get a sheet and write out all of the different reasons why your product is special.  Your ecommerce copywriter can then proceed to create content which revolves around the key reasons why your product or service offers such great value, or value proposition.

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Hire an eCommerce writer, the conclusion

When it comes to hiring an ecommerce writer or hiring a landing page copywriter there is going to be a vast array of areas that you’ll need to take into consideration.  An ecommerce writer should be able to create content that is able to play into website or brands traffic funnel.


There is not much point in an ecommerce writer creating content  that doesn’t  play into the overall marketing strategy. What this calls for is teamwork and the ability to work with other members of the team to create content that will work in symphony to increase your traffic and overall conversion rates.


Contact us today and let us devise the perfect eCommerce writing strategy for you.

 landing page copywriter

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