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It seems to me that there are two different approaches you could take to getting SEO carried out on your site; hire a good copywriting team or get hold of an infinite number of monkeys. Oh, you’ll need an infinite number of typewriters for the second option, and I’ve got an old one I can loan you to get you started if you like.

Professional Copywriter Services

I don’t want to cause offence to any primates, but I hate it when I stumble across those SEO articles which were obviously written in a less than fantastic way. You know the ones I mean, the ones where all the verbs and nouns have been taken out and then replaced with ones which mean something similar but which don’t really make sense in the context of the rest of the piece. These articles are good for a laugh when I am feeling down but are they really a sound basis for a long term SEO strategy?

Do You Want Professional Copywriter Services or an Infinite Number of Monkeys?Professional copywriter services don’t come cheap

It might seem cheaper to employ loads of people who charge next to nothing to churn out vaguely readable stuff but is it?

The dangers of cheap copywriting services

This sort of hit and miss approach means that a lot of time and money will be wasted and you will end up with a number of articles which are useless or which get rejected when you try to use them. Did I mention that you need an infinite supply of paper as well? A professional copywriter will write in a swift and efficient way which keeps costs down and avoids wasting time and money.

Professional website copywriting services will have a human touch

Even when I am really quite desperate to buy something (such as the day before my wife’s birthday when I finally understand her subtle hints) I do my best to avoid sites which try to lead me to them using infinite monkey tactics. Is this because I am a stubborn, contrary old fool who likes going against the tide? Quite possibly, but I think there are a lot of people out there who think like that too and who prefer to find a site with the human touch.

Professional copywriter services will have pride in their work

As a copywriter, I love to imagine my clients posting my articles and taking a bit of pride in them. That might sound a little bit soppy but I genuinely hope that they appreciate the work I do and enjoy letting people see it. Then sometimes I stumble across one of those sites which have been written really badly and I wonder how the site owner feels about it. Maybe they don’t have the time to fix it or haven’t even noticed it, but I tend to think that it is more a question of them not having sufficient pride in their site to bother making it look better. Do you want an online business which you take pride in or one which you don’t really care about?

Build up a long-term relationship with professional website copywriter services

In my opinion, building up a long-term relationship with a good quality copywriter or team of copywriters is the best way to ensure on-going success. As well as the points covered above, I have to add in the gut feeling that doing things this way is just somehow right. That might not be a very scientific way of measuring the subject but I don’t have time to wait for the monkeys to come up with something better right now.

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